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Ice Lolly Review Contributors

Contributors are listed in alphabetical order. Contributors that have had multiple publications in Ice Lolly Review are linked to their first publication.

Ashton-Taylor Ackerson is a 26-year-old writer from Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in English. Ashton-Taylor is one of the co-founders and editors of the online literary magazine Crown & Pen. Her work has been published in Crown & Pen, ARC Journal, The Raven Review, and Red Skies Anthology. When she’s not writing, Ashton-Taylor is always on the lookout for the best food to be had in Austin. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @ashtonalopoli


Kshitija Aherkar (She/Her), 18, a student and a budding writer from Mumbai, India. Her work portrays kaleidoscopes of mental health, identity, magic, visons, critiques, nature and timelines. She loves talking and finds meaning by narrating stories, being a spoken poet. In her spare time, she enjoys Ukulele, calligraphy and paper work.

Yumna Ahmad is a 17 year old writer from Ontario, Canada. She is a staff writer for the Defiant Magazine and is currently working to become a novelist. Her work can also be found on Reedsy under the pen name "Kathryn Dino."

Sofia Ahmed is from Irvine, California. She is fourteen years old and loves to write poetry as well as read everything from historical fiction to fantasy. She likes to observe people and characters to pick out their interesting quirks and defining features.

Salim Yakubu Akko is a writer and poet. He is a World Voices Magazine’s Nigerian correspondent and a guest contributor at Applied Worldwide. He has his works published/forthcoming in Upwrite Magazine Nigeria, Scratch Poetry Magazine, Calabar Poetry Magazine and Trouvaille Review.

21-year-old Los Angeles-born Filipino-American Rachel Alarcio’s work has appeared in or is forthcoming in two award-winning WriteGirl anthologies, Primeval Monster, Zero Readers, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Exposition Review, at LAX’s Terminal 7-8, and elsewhere. They are a Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Silver Medalist in Short Story. She is currently working towards her B.A. in English from Kalamazoo College. Find them @rachelalarcio on Twitter, @raechillout on Instagram, and

Maya Alinaizi is an Arab-Canadian high school student residing in the Middle East. She enjoys writing and creating art that explores heavy themes in various art forms and mediums.

Rebekah Alire is an 18 year old writer from San Diego, CA. She has been writing since seventh grade, has won multiple writing awards, and has been featured in her high school's literary journal. She plans to attend college in the spring to receive a degree in Art and Humanities with which she hopes to become a museum curator and an author.

Jannah Yusuf Al-Jamil is a sixteen-year-old Muslim-American writer from Washington, D.C who is forthcoming in Amethyst Review and Overheard Lit. They enjoy researching obscure history and eating far too many sweets. They are the head literary reader of Antinarrative Zine (@antinarrativeZ). Learn more about them at

Olivia Allan is a 21-year-old writer from Melbourne Australia. She is currently undergoing a degree in psychology in the heart of the city and loves riding the train everywhere. When she isn't studying she writes on her beloved typewriter and struggles in pilates classes. Her Twitter handle is @livppoetry.

Uriah Howard Allis, a twenty-year-old poet from rural Western New York, has found pieces of his heart, mind, and soul escaping to the blank page ever since he could hold a pencil. When he officially reached his “twenties,” he began to gladly slip into rhyme and meter, and whatever lies beyond. 

Ashley Amber is a 26-year-old upcoming author who calls Boston home. Whether it was her first picture book that she entered in a Reading Rainbow contest at 9 years old, loads of fanfiction as a teenager, or her own novels, Ashley has always been writing. When she's not writing, she's making videos on Youtube as an "Authortuber." Ashley is currently expanding her writing credentials while she seeks a home in publishing for her LGBTQ book series.

Ozioma Aneke is a 19-year-old Nigerian boy who loves to write and stare at random people, imagining totally random things about them. He lives and writes from Enugu, a snoozy city in Nigeria, with vibrant, swanky nightlife. He writes stories, too, and laughs at them—alone. He’s never been published; this is a bold, uncertain step of his.

Arundhathi Anil is an English Literature student at the University of York, UK. Her poem Silence was recently published in the 2020 Poetry Marathon Anthology. Her poetry has also appeared in several online poetry blogs, social media platforms and her own personal blog.

Rox Applesmith (they/them, 22) is an interdisciplinary artist residing in Seattle, WA. You can keep up with them on Twitter or Medium.

Martina Argudo is an Ecuadorian writer who enjoys transforming daydreams into stories. Sixteen years old, she is also a list-maker, a ballet dancer, and a space enthusiast. Woven with her narratives, readers can find her culture, her ambitions, and the cups of red tea that have seen her through countless drafts and edits.

Mel Arthur (she/they) is a 19yr, black poet from Virginia. She has been writing for many years but only recently began to submit her work for publication. She is fascinated with the power of words & their usage and is interested in exploring all forms of poetic structures and forms. They believe poetry to be their eternal companion & hope to write works that touch the soul and paint wondrous images in the mind of anyone who reads them .

Zoha Arif will graduate from the Academy for Information Technology in the spring of 2021. She lives in the lands of Union, New Jersey and melts away her free time breathing peanut butter, eating books, drowning in questionable food science experiments, chasing squirrels, pondering computer science, and saturating her muses into her works of fiction and creative nonfiction. Her work has been published in Polyphony Lit, the Blue Marble Review, Parallax Literary, and others.

Shireen Arora is a 12 year-old sixth grader from Arizona, USA. In her free time, you can always find her exploring various art forms such as painting, calligraphy, writing poetry, playing the piano, and learning Indian classical dance.

Kayla Arroyo is a 16 year old high school student from Staten Island. She usually expresses her feelings in long rants but has been increasingly taking an interest in poetry and writing.

Lujain Assaf is a nineteen year old fiction writer from Palestine. Her work has previously been nominated for the Media and Research Awards 2020 and Northwestern University's Creative Arts Festival 2020. In addition, she has published her piece, The Lucky One, with 2020vision. She is currently studying at Northwestern University in Qatar and continues to write.

Kiara Azuma is a high school student from California. She has been writing from a young age, participating in numerous writing contests and submissions, to expand her writing skills. Kiara is currently working on a novel with hopes to become traditionally published. Outside of reading and writing, she enjoys watching shows on Netflix and spending time with her family.

Navya Bahl (she/her) is a 17 year old senior from New Delhi, India. An incorrigible dreamer, when she isn't weaving stories from myths and lores, that may, or may not, be infused with magic, she can be found reading yet another book, baking something disastrous or crying over her schoolwork. Her writing has been recognized and published by the Scholastic Quill Club, and her recent works are featured or forthcoming in Love Letters Mag and Scenecerityzine, among others.

Rithesh Balu is from Bangalore, India. He’s an engineering student in the field of computer sciences. He’s a person that believes that everything we do is an art, starting from the way we live to the way we die, hence the name of his Instagram handle - 21 ART. He finds ways to express his love for art through playing musical instruments such as the piano and guitar, singing, drawing, painting and writing poetry. He believes that life loses its meaning without art and that everybody needs to at least acknowledge if not create art.

Sophia Bannister works at the Hudson Valley Writers Center in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Her work is featured and forthcoming in Prometheus Dreaming, Drunk Monkeys, Meat For Tea: The Valley Review, Poetry Online and Crack the Spine.

Bharti Bansal is a 24 year old poet from India. She has been published in magazines like aaduna, harness magazine, and others. She loves moon, universe, stars and cats. She can be reached at instagram @bharti_b42.

Fabiana Barrientos is fifteen years old and attends the International School of Beaverton. She turned to poetry after a near-fatal accident and often writes about the inescapable nature of time's arrow. Her difficult past and fear of dying are recurring themes in her poetry, her way of dealing with the weight of her past and her future.

Jolie Barnard, a sixteen year old amateur writer from Sacramento California, hasn’t always loved writing. Up until a few years ago, she much preferred reading poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and whatever else you could think of. She has since turned to writing, usually poetry, as a way to vent and document her life.

Faith Barnes is a 15 year old from Nevada, Missouri. She enjoys reading stories and writing poems. With her first poem published, she hopes to inspire teenagers like her to stand up for themselves. She’s and advocate for selling the idea that no one is normal and we should all be confident with who we truly are.

Tamara Bašić (24; she/her) lives in Croatia, where she is frequently thinking about all the stories she's procrastinating on writing. She can also often be found reading, trying to become a polyglot, staring at the sky in awe, and viciously daydreaming. Her work is featured in Journal of Erato, Southchild Lit, The Birdseed, and The Hearth Magazine. For more writings and updates, you can find her on social media @authortamarab

Sean Beatty is a poet from Raleigh, NC. He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill where he completed an Honors Poetry Thesis, and is currently working on a M.S. in Physiology at the University of Louisville. His poems have been published in Burning Jade Magazine, The Daily Drunk, Figure 1, and CP Quarterly. Follow him on Twitter @seanw0ww.

Savannah Behr is a sixteen-year-old from San Francisco, CA. She loves reading and writing and wants to be a journalist, to tell the stories of real people and make a difference, as well as an author.


Becky Bei is a writer from Singapore, where she is studying in secondary school.


Belle is a teen writer and poet who enjoys reading and digital editing. She is in the process of writing her first novel and poetry book. You can find more of her writing on Instagram @unimaginabelle.

Clueless, the twenty-three year old Shannia Bernal is still cautiously traversing this phase of life called adulthood. She always panics but she finds peace by meditating the Word and having intimate conversations with loved ones. One thing she loves about her country, the Philippines, is how the sun looks dreamy and nostalgic, inspiring her to daydream and write (although the heat can get in the way sometimes).

Saumya Bhardwaj is from Maharashtra, Thane. She is 15 years old and currently studying in standard 10th. During her study breaks she loves to read and write. She has been writing poetry since 4th standard.

Janya Bhaskar is sixteen and a high school student in Northern California. She published her debut novel, The Fall Of A God, in the summer of 2020. She loves to write dark adventure and fantasy fiction. She is editing her collection of short stories and is writing her next fiction trilogy. She enjoys reading about advances in biological research and space.

Anvita Bhogadi is a 13-year-old Indian-American who is passionate about activism and literature. Her interests include, aesthetic photography, graphic designing, article writing, reading, discovering new artists on Spotify, trying to learn new languages and indecisively browsing through Netflix. She aspires to be a published poet.

Paul Bianco is an eighteen year old from New York. He enjoys reading and writing as hobbies, but he dedicates most of his free time to computer science and baking. This is his first submission to a magazine.

Eleanor May Blackburn is a 23 year old actor/writer from Sheffield in England and has been previously published in GLOBALISATION: THE SPHERE KEEPS SPINNING anthology by Making Magic Happen Press and Southchild Lit’s Issue 2.

Paisley Blue finds solace under the stars and sun alike, and sees the universe as a miracle. When they're not writing, you can find them drawing, singing, and daydreaming. They have works published in Gossamer Lit, Cathartic Youth Lit, and Write The World. They'd like you to look around and find one beautiful thing, right this moment!

Asawari Bhatia a.k.a Ash is a 23 year old bi poet and writer from India. She has contributed to over eight poetry anthologies, including Train River Publishing. Recently, completed her post-graduation in Medical Microbiology, she is now on a journey to manifest all beautiful things she can be. You can always find her lost in her own company but is always ready to provide help. A cloud admirer who believes that one should always listen to their gut and to Universe.

Dia Bhojwani is a sophomore living in Mumbai, India. She's been published in Beetle Literary Magazine, The Punch Magazine, and Parallax Literary Magazine, amongst others. Her first book, The Pandemic Diaries, was published in January 2021. She loves confessional poetry, stand-up comedy, and Hawaiian pizza.

Yasmine Bolden is a Pushcart Prize and Scholastic American Voices nominated Black American poet and author based in Virginia. Her work has appeared in Perhappened Magazine, Write the World Review, and Ghost Heart Literary Journal among others. At heart, she's still the voracious reader who talked her way into getting more than the five book limit from her elementary school library. You can find out more about her on Twitter @blkpunningpoet and on Instagram @blackpunningpoet.

Srina Bose is a high school student hailing from New Delhi, India. She has previously published her collection of poetry titled “Roses In My Mind”, which is commercially available. She plans to pursue liberal arts in her future.

Molly Bovett is a developing poet and novelist from rural Devon, England, currently splitting time between a medieval history degree and creative projects. Her poems are often themed around her queer identity, family, and the environment – and are often written with the help of excessive coffee and an endearingly lazy cat.

Skye Bowdon is a 15 year old poet from Santa Fe New Mexico. She is a Creative Writing major at New Mexico School for the Arts. Her work had been published in Dreams of Montezuma, An Anthology of Poetry and Prose New Mexico School for the Arts. Skye was a silver key medalist in the 2020 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. 

Leah Boxley (she/they) is a 26 year old poet from southern New Mexico. She is the co-founder of Blackwick Writers Guild based in Longmont, Colorado, which protects and fosters writing of LGBTQ+ writers of all genres and skill levels. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her daughter who is the coolest thing she’s ever made.

Daniel Boyko is a 17-year-old writer from New Jersey. His work appears in Teen Ink, Blue Marble Review, The Daphne Review, and Navigating the Maze, among others. He serves as Co-Editor-in-Chief of Polyphony Lit. Wherever his dog is, he can’t be far behind.

Jayda Brain is a high school student living near Sydney, Australia. While she's not dealing with jokes about her surname, Jayda likes to read and care for her plants, but doesn't do either enough. She is 15 years old.

Natasha Bredle is an aspiring young writer and poet. Her work has been featured in the Dove Tales Writing for Peace poetry anthology, the Cathartic Literary Magazine, and the Incandescent Review, among others. She volunteers as an arts writer for the INKspire online news magazine. When she isn't dreaming up new ideas to passionately scribble down, she likes to practice yoga and indulge in various kinds of tea. She posts updates of her publications on her instagram, @natasha_bredle

Niki Brennan is a writer and poet from Glasgow, Scotland. His recent publications are in or upcoming in Fahmidan Journal, Sledgehammer and the Kalopsia Lit Journal. He hopes everyone reading this has also managed to find hope in the pandemic.

Gregory Brooks is a psychology student at Utah Valley University. He loves learning about how writing can improve our mental health, and help individuals understand their own story. You can find more of his work at, or @bipolar_greg on Twitter.

A. E. Brown is a fifteen-year-old high school sophomore from Northern California. She believes the written word to be a critical part of activism and hopes to use poetry to advocate for her community in the future. Her work has previously been published in The Weight Journal. She recently experienced off-roading for the first time, and hopes to experience it in the future, only next time on purpose. When not writing, she can be found playing with her guinea pig, climbing Mount Lassen, and hanging around old barns with friends.

Dakota Bruderman is a fourteen year old girl who is in ninth grade at Friends Academy on Long Island, New York. She enjoys writing about topics that she is passionate about, both through formal writing and through more creative approaches. She dislikes when people treat her as if she is insignificant, and she believes that young people can make a difference in the world. Dakota's goal is to positively impact other people's lives, whether by bringing a smile to their face or by letting them know that they are not alone. Some of her hobbies include skating, painting, and reading. If her submission is accepted, Dakota hopes that her writing will encourage others to share their voice as well.

Katherine Buerke is an avid reader and writer who enjoys spending time with family and friends. She aspires to become a novelist and travel around the world.

Cassidy Bull is a twenty-year-old writer and poet from Tampa, Florida. In 2021, she graduated from Johns Hopkins University with degrees in Earth and Planetary Sciences and Political Science. She has a short story appearing in Hobart.

Leia Butler is an experimental poet in her final year studying creative writing at UEA. She is a winner of the 2019 Streetcake experimental writing prize. She has been published most recently in Streetcake, Re-side, and The Babel Tower Notice Board. Leia also co-edits Full House Literary Magazine.

Alida C. is a fifteen-year-old author and aspiring poet from Hungary. She enjoys reading, taking walks, gothic literature, and gloomy weather. She hopes to be published one day. Her poem, “For Lenore”, is a sort of continuation of the poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. She can be found on Instagram under the handle @ncvcrmcre.

Lucy Camacho is a 17 year old writer from Costa Rica with a deep love for poetry, superheroes and reading about fantasy worlds

CJ Caparros is a 17-year-old, Filipino-American writer from California. They enjoy writing about their passions: chess, kitchens, fruit, and fungi. They hope to move others with their writing, in any way they can.

Francesca McDonnell Capossela is a poet and writer, with a Master’s in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin. Her poetry has been published in Hanging Loose Magazine, Banshee, Aesthetica Creative Writing Anthology, and The Cormorant Broadsheet, and her essays have been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Point Magazine, and on She has also contributed an essay to a forthcoming anthology, Teaching Nabokov’s Lolita in the #MeToo Era (Rowman & Littlefield, 2021). Francesca is 24 and is from Brooklyn. Follow her on Twitter: @CheskaFranny.

E.J. Carnegie (they/them) is a seventeen-year-old poet and author from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aside from being a high school senior and full time barista, E.J. is a poetry editor for Ink Sounds and has work in The Weight Journal, Celestite Poetry, and others. Find more of them on Twitter, @ejcarnegie13.

Naomi Carr is a seventeen-year-old student from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has found a home in creative nonfiction, and her work has been featured in Blue Marble Review and is forthcoming in grain of salt mag. When she isn't writing, Naomi enjoys long walks through parks and indie music.

Regina Cassese is a queer writer from Michigan. You can find her work in places such as the literary journal Fledge, The Rust & Moth, as well as Interlochen Arts Academy's literary journals The Red Wheelbarrow and The Interlochen Review. She eats peanut butter when she’s sad and falls asleep wherever she goes.

Brishti Chakraborty (she/her) is a chronically ill 17 year old lesbian living in India. Her work appears in Fahmidan Journal, FEED Magazine, Fairy Piece Mag, and elsewhere. Find her @brishti_writes on Twitter and @brishtiiii on Instagram.

Debadrita Chakraborty is from Calcutta, India. She enjoys playing video games and psychoanalyzing people way too much.

Sena Chang is a 14-year-old musician, poet, and artist living in Japan. In addition to writing poetry related mainly to her Asian heritage and Kafkaesque scenarios, Chang is the EIC of The Pandemic of ‘19 Anthology. There, she seeks to give a voice to Tokyo's youth through creative writing and other mediums of art. Her most recent works have appeared or are forthcoming in Raised Brow Press and The International Educator, amongst others.

Sarah Chaudry is a fifteen-year-old sophomore in Queens, New York. She enjoys reading and writing more than anything in the world, aside from watching Marvel movies and coming up with ideas for short stories and poetry. Sarah has work published on Cathartic Literary Magazine as well as aspires to publish a novel (or two) of her own.

Elise Siregar Chen is currently a 12th grader. She loves English literature and enjoys writing poems and short stories, drawing and filmmaking.

Ray Cheng is a 16-year-old high school junior from Kuwait City, Kuwait. His work has been recognized by numerous publications including Dialogue & Discourse, HOPE Humanities Journal, and Illumination. He is an alumnus of the Kenyon Young Writers' Workshop. Aside from writing, he finds solace in gazing out on the skylines of Kuwait City. He thinks you're wonderful.

Rita Chernikova is a writer from Wicklow, Ireland. She writes in two languages, English and Russian, but hopes that French will become her third linguistic funnel for thoughts in the future. When she isn't fanatically hitting the keys of her laptop she likes to record music, dance or do whacky art with bird feathers.

Lauren Hyunseo Cho is a 17-year old girl from South Korea (pronouns: she/her). Lauren has always found herself in a balancing act of sorts: attempting to balance modernity with tradition, Korean culture with American, femininity with societal expectations. In navigating her identity, she has developed a passion for issues of cultural discrimination, feminism, and philosophy. Her love for writing serves to produce poems of her take on these ideas, stemming from her personal experiences as well as her holistic views and metaphorical interpretations.

Michael Cho is a high school Sophomore from New Jersey. He loves to write, play football, and spend hours practicing new moves in jiu jitsu.


Kate K. Choi is a high school senior living in Seoul, South Korea. Her writing has been recognized by the National YoungArts Foundation and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, among others. Additionally, she has work published or forthcoming in Diode Poetry Journal, Body Without Organs, The Hearth Magazine, After Dinner Conversation, and more. Besides writing, her passions include dark chocolate, neuroscience, and classic rock. She is currently seventeen years old.

Caroline Chou is a high schooler from Maryland. When she’s not writing, you can find her playing golf, rewatching animated movies, or adding more books to her “To Be Read” list.

Anuva Chowdhury (she/they) is a high school student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is sixteen and searching, exploring her identity through writing. She writes stories about queer Muslims finding their way.

Glen Chung's passions are playing hokey, attending environmental marches with his friends in NYC, and writing in his free time!

Alira Lee Cohen is 18 years old. They've had a passion for writing and story- telling ever since Alira was a young child; it is what makes me feel alive, especially in uncertain times such as these. On top of working on comics, short stories, poems, and essays, Alira enjoys reading, taking care of my pets, and going on long walks. Alira believes that it is important for young writers of all kinds to make their voices heard... if we all take the time to sit down and listen to what our fellow humans have to say, the world will be a better place.

Lilia Collins is a seventh grade student at Hope Academy. She lives in Concord, North Carolina and is 12 years old. She loves photography and just recently found out she has a passion for poetry.

Evelyn Combs is a sixteen-year-old from Norman Oklahoma. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and learning about animals.

Aoife Connolly is a twenty year old writer from Galway, Ireland. She is currently studying Creative Writing at NUI Galway. Her work has previously been published in The Galway Advertiser Voxgalvia.

Chloe Cook is an undergraduate student attending Northern Kentucky University. She currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief for the student-run literary magazine, Loch Norse Magazine. Her work is featured or forthcoming in Haunted Waters Press, Oakland Arts Review, Sutterville Review, dancing girl press, Stoneboat Literary Journal, and elsewhere. She is 21 years old and resides in the NKY region.


Isabel Corson is a high school student from South Carolina. She is 16 years old and enjoys writing, drawing, and attempting other artistic endeavors. She is passionate about expressing opinions and emotions through art.

Alexis Crafts (she/her) is a twenty-year-old university student from Massachusetts. She is a part of her school's literary magazine Persona as the social media manager and editor. When not writing poetry, she loves to read YA lit, blog, and indulge in hours of Youtube content of every genre. You can find her and more of her writing on Twitter @crafts_writing.

Leopold Crow (he/they) is a sixteen year old trans artist from England. He can generally be found spouting nonsense about angels, making bad (fantastic) puns and doodling all over his schoolwork. More of his work can be found at

Adeline Cruz is based in Minnesota, braving the long, bitter winters with the help of her trusted yaktrax. She has previously written for the National Parks Service, has work published or forthcoming in Grand Little Things, Penumbra, and The Pointed Circle. When she isn’t composing poetry, you might find her whipping up a new recipe or meandering through a state park.

Zoe Cunniffe is an 18-year-old poet and singer-songwriter from Washington, DC. She has previously been published in literary journals such as Meniscus and The Showbear Family Circus, and she can be found on Instagram at @there.are.stillbeautifulthings.

Isabella Dail is 16 years old and lives in New Jersey. She has won Scholastic Gold and Silver Keys, and her work can be found in places like Rare Byrd Review and The WEIGHT Journal. In her spare time, Isabella loves reading poetry anthologies, learning French, and avidly consuming iced coffee.

Jessica Daniel is a Malayali-American student with a strong passion for tea and music. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in The Augment Review, Misery Tourism, and Crashtest Magazine. She is sixteen years old.

Jordan Davidson is a 17-year-old student and writer from Denver, Colorado. She has been recognized nationally and a 2021 YoungArts Merit winner in novel, and has upcoming work in Cathartic Literary Magazine and Corvid Queen. In addition to writing, she enjoys singing with her acapella group and treble choir.

Mia Davis is a 16-year-old Junior located in San Diego, California. Through writing - whether it be creative writing, poetry, songwriting, or journalism - she finds artistic freedom, enthralled by the process of constructing captivating stories of impact. She is the co-president of her school's Creative Writing Club, is a writer for the Affair Magazine, and has received awards, such as Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, for her craft.

Melinda Deng is 14 and from New Jersey. She enjoys writing fiction and other random topics.

Vibhavari Desai (she/her) is a 20-year-old student from India. She is a new writer, who struggles to strike a balance between schoolwork and her voracious appetite for words. She loves her cat to the point of distraction.

Sanjyokta 'Yukta' Deshmukh is a twenty-one year old, Welsh-Indian writer and artist currently studying her Masters. She has previously been published in both print and online in the likes of Eclectica Magazine, Ayaskala, Ghost Heart Literary, Street Cake Magazine, The Orange Blush Zine, and more. You can follow her here: @sanjdeshk.

Laxana Devaraj, aged 25 years, is a recent law graduate living in Sri Lanka. She likes to write and read poetry.

SaraJane Devereaux is a 16-year-old writer from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and creating art. SaraJane plans to attend college (undecided where) when she graduates high school and she plans to study English. SaraJane wants to go onto become an author of books, prose, and maybe even screenplays! Her number one goal is to become a New York Times Bestselling Author.

Kathryn Dew is a seventeen-year-old non-binary lesbian writer from Pittsburgh, who has been published by Always Naive Zine, The WEIGHT Journal, and Noctivagant Press. They are a staff member for BatCat Press and Spillover Mag, who primarily writes poems and prose. They live with their family, two dogs, and two cats. When they’re not writing, Kathryn is a self-proclaimed history buff who is interested in studying psychology.

This poem was written by Riya Dey, who is currently graduating in History, from the University of Delhi, India. Residing in Kolkata, India, she is mostly found reading novels and fulfilling her appetite through sweet eatables and watching k-drama.

Siya Dhamija is a 16 year old simple girl who lives in beautiful country India. She finds happiness and solace in writing. She is a selenophile and believes in carpediem.

Shivi Dixit is an Indian student, aged 16. She currently writes short horror stories and poems as a hobby. Using the power of words, she aspires to create something that makes people feel a million emotions, one at a time.

Ilana Drake is a first-year student at Vanderbilt University from New York. Her work has appeared nationally in Ms. Magazine and YR Media, among others. Ilana has won numerous Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for her work. She previously was a mentee in Girls Write Now for three years, and she served on the New York City Department of Education’s Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council. When Ilana is not writing, she can be found advocating for social justice or trying new coffee shops.

Ysabel Dungca is a 23-year old Filipino writer who is currently based in Australia. She has a passion for musical theatre, art, and exploring the liminal space between the two cultures she grew up in.

Amelia Durbin is a 12-year-old in Northampton, Massachusetts. She lives with her Mom, Dad, little sister, and a wonderful but very energetic dog, Roux. She loves to read, write, make clay jewelry and animals, along with play and listen to music. She is also very interested in the topic of climate change and annoys her friends and family to death with new facts, ideas and decisions. She mainly writes poetry and fiction but decided she'd give climate non-fiction a try.

Trisha Dutta is a 17 year old from Kolkata, India who is currently a highschool junior studying Science. She has been drawn to literature and the pure sciences ever since she was a toddler and she keeps having weird ideas which she occasionally likes to write down. She is your typical nerdy coffee addict and when she is not poring over books, you'll likely find her travelling, exploring her city, trying out new cuisines and pretty much living a literary dystopia.

Aleah Dye (she/her) primarily writes poetry—usually about morbidity, love, mental illness, and philosophy. She hopes to make hearts grow three sizes with her words. She is a 2020 Best of the Net nominee and the graphic designer for perhappened. Read her latest work via Pen and Anvil Press.

Makenna Dykstra (she/her) is currently a graduate student pursuing an MA in English Literature at Tulane University in New Orleans. She can often be found on Twitter @makdykstra or in the local parks, writing, reading, or admiring the oak trees.

Mason Earle is a high school senior in New York City.

Viktoria Elessar is 12 years old and lives in the United States. She is very inspired by fellow poet and friend Em Wilder, and they write together often. She loves reading and finds solace in her writing, though there is nothing she loves more than spending quality time with her friends and family.

Del Elizabeth is a 17-year-old queer writer from California. She indulges in poetry often, but has recently started on her second novel and first screenplay. In the future, she hopes to attend university to study creative writing as well as psychology. Her work has been published in Anatolios Magazine & Paper Crane Journal + is upcoming in both Cathartic Lit and Miniskirt Magazine.

Halle Ewing (they/she) is a 14-year-old from Orange County with a love for the written word. She finds herself reflected in the lines she writes, and when they aren't frantically trying to remember that one word on the tip of their tongue, they're drinking way too much coffee, screaming along to Nirvana, playing water polo, or begging their friends to take pictures of them. Her work can be found in Paper Cranes Literary Journal, Crossed Paths, Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine, and the Weight Journal.

Roseanne Fahey is a twenty-one year old student from Offaly, Ireland. She studies Creative Writing in the National University of Ireland, Galway. Her poetry and prose have been published or are forthcoming in The Five-Two, Voxgalvia, In Parenthesis, and The Rainbow Poems.

Farzeen is 16 years old and she is a Pakistani girl born and raised in Canada. She started writing poetry when she was 15 years old, however, in quarantine, she’s been sharpening up her skills more than ever. She has written over 85 poems, topic ranging from her personal experiences, to the flaws in our modern society. Her biggest dream is to publish an anthology poetry book, in other words, she wants to publish a collection of all her poems she wrote when she was a teenager. Alongside an author, she also desires to become a family doctor, to fulfill her childhood dream of pursuing a career in medicine. She is also the creator of a nonprofit organization, the Kindness Worldwide Movement. She is also the writer of the Kindness Worldwide Movement blog, which is an extension to the organization. 

Anna Feng is a sixteen year old student attending Del Norte High School in San Diego, California. She loves listening to true crime podcasts and curating her collection of tiny cacti. She is a 2021 California Arts Scholar and Iowa Young Writers Workshop student. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards and the Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest.

Trini Feng is a high school sophomore. Born and raised in the quiet suburbs of Illinois, she likes to explore stories both mundane and fantastical. Her work has previously been published in The WEIGHT Journal, BLANK Magazine, and Hypernova Lit. In her free time, she dabbles in music, video games, and obscure deep dives on the Internet.

Isabella Fiore (she/they) is an eighteen year-old writer who chronicles her experiences through love, sadness, and figuring out what it means to be a queer "woman" in her world. Her publications include Heartburn Review and Velvet Fields Magazine. When she is not writing, Isabella can be found baking, napping, or wrapping herself in a blanket like a burrito.

Eileen Fletcher is a 13 year old girl who is passionate for art, sports, gardening, and reading. She takes piano classes and practices different forms of art in her free time. She loves nature and wildlife, and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Morgan Flodman is a 16-year-old writer from Cherry Valley, Massachusetts. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Apprentice Writer, The Augment Review, Blue Marble Review, and Kalopsia Literary Journal among others. Additionally, Morgan has been honorably recognized by the International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. When she's not overanalyzing her drafts, Morgan strives to help fellow young writers explore their craft and promote literary arts in her community. Keep up with her endeavors on Instagram (@morganflodmanwrites) and Twitter (@morganfwrites).

Emily Frost is a 16-year-old student and writer from the DC area. She edits with Polyphony Lit and the Lumiere Review. Her writing has been published in BLANK Magazine and recognized by the Interlochen Center for the Arts. You can find her on Twitter @saidemilyfrost.

Maggie Fulmer is 26-year-old, emerging writing from Kentucky with a passion for poetry and creative nonfiction. She received her BA in journalism and MA in English from Northern Kentucky University. Her work has been featured in Atlas+Alice, Dime Show Review, and The Coil. She can be found on most corners of the internet (@mfulms21) talking about boybands, books, and reality television.

Gabrielle Galchen is a senior at the High School of American Studies in NYC. She is an avid writer and enjoys exploring different styles and subject matter. Her inspirations are primarily authors Fernando Pessoa and Sylvia Plath, as well as musicians like Neil Young.

Alejandra Galvan is a 17 year old writer who lives in Los Angeles, California. When she learned how to read, she became obsessed with fantasy books and developed an extremely vivid imagination. She often goes hiking or on outdoor explorations and pretends she is on an extraordinary adventure. While on these quests, she found her love for the sky and the stars and spends her free time studying the universe.

Xiao Gan is from Singapore. She enjoys writing and math.

Vrinda Gandhi is an eighteen year old literature enthusiast from India. She has work forthcoming/in Overachiever magazine, Hooligan magazine and currently is a personal essay writer for the Outlander Zine. She loves street food, vanilla candles and wishes to travel and write stories about obscure experiences of people.

Liv Gamble is a 26-year-old lesbian writer from the UK, particularly passionate about writing that includes and celebrates LGBT+ themes. She holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Creative Writing, and as well as poetry, she writes fiction, pop culture articles and opinion pieces. She's currently working on her third novel-length piece.

Nerea García-Rodríguez is 16 years old and is from Andalucía, Spain. She is a young artist that likes to write and act. She's currently assisting an acting school but she'd like to be a poet in the future so she writes as much as she can.

Catherine Garrett (they/she) is a bisexual powerhouse who puts their considerable passion to poetry and reporting, and getting other people to write their bios for her. She is 24 years old and is from Haida Gwaii, B.C. They’ve competed on three Victoria slam teams and one Vancouver slam team, and was an ApocaCIPS finalist of 2020. They can be found drinking beer, and yelling about hockey on twitter. Her numerous publications include Moria, Room, Sky Island Journal, Oraotrealis, Turnpike, and Cotyledon. They will bring a lot of complicated enthusiasm on such topics as family, death, and doing what you love.

Emma Geller is a poet, singer, and actress from Boston, MA. She is 24 years old. Her many passions include horror movies and listening to Elliot Smith while drinking too much coffee. Her work has been published in The Offering & Goat's Milk Magazine. You can find out more about Emma on Instagram at em_me_line.

Peniel Gifted is a seventeen-year-old Nigerian poet and writer. She has great enthusiasm for reading, writing and learning. She's also an adroit lover of nature and God's word. Her works have appeared in Oke Iroegbu's diary of Hope and Nostalgia, Cultural Weekly Magazine, Lion and Lilac Magazine, Otherwise Engaged Journal, Written Tales and elsewhere. She's the author of the Living BY HIS WORD Series

Julia Ginsbach is 18 years old, a student, poet, and self-described baking enthusiast from Wisconsin (United States). She loves writing, eating pie, and also cows.

Jaden Goldfain is a nineteen-year-old Coloradoan pursuing a B.A. in Writing from Point Loma Nazarene University. Her work has appeared in Blue Marble Review, Bridge Ink, Foreshadow Magazine, and elsewhere. She loves Jesus, her friends, and Stranger Things. Twitter: @j_goldfain

Kyrah Gomes is a 18 year old student living in NYC who loves poetry, literature, fashion, and authentic self-expression. Her work has been published in Cathartic Literary Magazine, Serenity Zine, and other online publications.

Maria Gray is a 22-year-old poet from Portland, Oregon, currently living in Maine. Her work is published in Counterclock Journal, Hominum Journal, Perhappened Magazine, The Foundationalist, and others. In 2021, she was named as an Adroit Prizes for Poetry semifinalist for her poem "Where Were You When Mac Miller Died." Find her at

Praniti Gulyani is a seventeen year old girl from India.

Aida Guo is a 16 year old junior student in North Carolina, where she is the Editor-in-Chief of her school news site and school literary magazine. She loves teaching and talking with kids whether it be through art classes or at English tutoring sessions. She's involved in volleyball clubs and working towards environmental justice. In her free time, you can find her listening to indie and kpop music, cooking and baking food for her friends, and keeping thoughts in her diary.

Antara Gupta (she/her) is a 21-year-old queer Indian writer currently studying in Canada. She has been writing since she was ten years old, focusing on creative non-fiction but with a healthy dose of fantasy mixed in. When she is not writing, you can find her behind a book, knitting, coding, or throwing impromptu dance parties.

Caroline Hall (they/she) is a sapphic writer from Connecticut. Her work has been a finalist in two New York Times poetry contests and a runner-up in Connecticut Student Writers. They enjoy journaling, drinking tea, caring for their plants, and
studying biology.

Natalie Hampton is a rising junior at the Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in the Creative Writing Department. She has been recognized at the National level of the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition and by the Harris County Department of Education, the Young Poets Network, the Pulitzer Center, and Ringling College of Art and Design. She serves as an editor at Polyphony Lit and Cathartic Literary Magazine. She has taken online workshops and classes with Iowa, Brown, Sewanee, and Ellipsis Writing.

Zinnia Hansen is a seventeen-year-old high school student and poet from Port Townsend, Washington. She has a tendency towards abstraction, but a deep love of the idiosyncrasies that make us human. Her work has been published through the Young Writers Project, and she is a participant in The Hugo House Young Writers Cohort.

Pragnya Haralur is a poet and writer from South India. She enjoys chess and unconventional forms of poetry and hopes you are having a good day.

Genevieve Hartman is a Korean American poet based in upstate New York. She is the Director of Development & Communications for BOA Editions & reads poetry for VIDA Review. Her poems & reviews have been published in Brushfire, Stone Canoe, Meniscus Journal, EcoTheo, Singapore Unbound, & others. She is twenty-two. Find her reading or buying another plant, & follow her on Instagram at @gena_hartman.

Maya Henry (she/her) is a queer poet trying to be a better human being. She's based in California and is 14.

Camila Hernández is a 19-year-old Venezuelan-born, Yorkshire-bound poet and student journalist. Her literary, art, and film reviews have appeared in the University of York's Nouse student newspaper and on the student-run Norman Rea Gallery's online blog. Her poetry has also been featured in The Looking Glass anthology. She is interested in the cross-pollination of inner and outer landscapes of the self and nature, and how modern and postcolonial visions intersect to show us colours and contours that we'd never dreamt could define us.

Jasmine Herri is a 17 year-old writer from Seattle, WA, who dedicates her free time to her literary and artistic works. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Novelly, Penit, and the YMCA. Jasmine's passion for writing is fueled by her aspiration to spread literary joy to the world.

Maia Hillock-Katz was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and still lives there today. She is currently a 15-year-old sophomore at New Mexico School for the Arts, where she is majoring in creative writing. Maia has been published in Dreams of Montezuma 2 and has won multiple gold and silver regional awards from the Scholastic Art and Writing program. You can find her running through arroyos, writing poetry and geeking out over compost.

Emily Hizny is an 18 year old Creative Writing and Publishing & Editing double major at Susquehanna University with a home state of New Jersey. Her work is featured in SU's Summer Writers Workshop Anthology as well as the upcoming edition of SU's literary magazine RiverCraft. In her free time you can find her sewing, playing video games, and being a part-time octopus.

Fefe Ho is a 23-year-old Chinese-American currently residing in Beijing. Find her on Twitter at @fefedove.

Mikaela (Miki) Hoe is a biracial seventh grader from Woodinville, Washington. She typically writes in spoken word form about the BLM movement and her struggles with mental health. She mostly performs in her school district but recently competed at the "WE SPEAK" contest at the Edmonds Center For The Arts where she was an alternate. When not writing you can find her drawing eyes, doing extra school work, dancing ballet, or playing with her pets.

Sophia Holme (23, she/her) is a poet, writer and bookseller made in Canada but now based in Oxford, England. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Southchild Lit, Not Deer Magazine and elsewhere. In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading bits of several novels at once and drinking a lot of coffee. Find her on Twitter @HolmeSophia

Caroline Hsu, 20, is a second year student at UCLA studying Political Science. Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, she has always had a passion for creative writing and prose. Some day, she hopes to finally catch up on sleep, self publish her own book or novel, and travel the world. You can find her at @carolinehsuwrites on Instagram.

Matt Hsu (17) is a junior at San Francisco University High School in San Francisco, California. He works as a poetry/prose editor at Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine and The Formula. Currently he's working on a YA novel about a lonely assassin. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis and eating dark chocolate.

Ivi Hua is a teen dreamer, writer, and poet based in the United States. She has a deep love for the sea and the sky, and you can find her @livia.writes.stories on Instagram. Her works have been published in Paper Crane Journal, Juven, and Outlander Zine among others.


Ellen Huang is a 25-year-old writer of fairy tales dark and light. She is living her best life in San Diego and is a huge advocate for the inspiration of progressive faith and the power of platonic love.

Vivian Huang is a sixteen-year-old incoming junior from Irvine, California. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in The Lumiere Review, The Paper Crane Literary Journal, Detester Magazine, and The Road To Find Magazine. She has also been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. When she is not writing, she can be found watching old movies or advocating for social justice.

Elyse Hwang is a writer from the Los Angeles area. She works for her school's literary magazine and has had her work recognized by the PTA's Reflection Contest. When not writing or musing about her future, you can find her wondering where her childhood has gone.

Tiffany Ibanez is a high school student and is currently 17 years old. She is going to turn 18 on May 27th because Tiffany was born on May 27, 2004. She was not born in the United States, She was born in Lima Peru which is located in South America and borders Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, and Brazil. Some hobbies she really enjoys are playing soccer and hanging out with her friends. Tiffany is bilingual and can speak two languages fluently and these languages are Spanish and English, even though she has studied French and Sign language she isn't very fluent in those languages, unlike English and Spanish. Tiffany has no siblings as she is an only child and has been able to enjoy the love of her parents all to herself. Tiffany in the future is really looking forward to going to college and being able to give back everything her parents provided for her.

Cara Ianuale is a seventeen-year-old girl. She is the founder and president of the non-profit organization the Purpleprint, which seeks to uplift female and non-binary artists."

Nora Ibrahim is an amateur writer from North Carolina. She is currently in high school and preparing for college.

Indrakshi is a passionate writer who lives in Toronto, Canada. She is eager to change the world with her words, and never fails to find inspiration sitting in the marvel that is nature. She loves travelling, spending time exploring the Ice Lolly Review site, watching old movies, and lately, finding ways to help people during this pandemic. She also is eager to empower youth like her and has started her writing journey on Write the World. 

Javeria Itezaz is a 13 year old poet from Lahore, Pakistan who has been writing for the last 4 years. She is an avid humanist and a dreamer who never believes that a dream is worth nothing fighting for.

Samar Jain, 15, is a student of class 10 at Delhi Public School, Gurgaon and is passionate about Public Speaking, Artificial Intelligence, playing sports and making impactful videos, He is also an avid reader and writer, and has contributed to numerous newspapers, journals and magazines. Furthermore, he is a Tech-enthusiast, and has won several accolades in Debates, MUN's and Group discussions. Importantly he is a fervent environmentalist and a Philanthropist, and considers himself to be a lifelong humanitarian.

Tanvi Jain is a 17-year-old living in India. She is the English Club president at her school. She spends her free time reading, writing and playing piano. Her work has been published in the Hindustan Times.

Henley James is a young girl from Washington who lives with her chaotic family of seven- along with her dog and cats. She's an avid reader and writer who has a tendency to act out her scenes. Her dream is to help people in any way possible- preferably as an author.

Nargis Jameel, a 21 year old, is a full-time dreamer, who is learning perspective. She lives in India and aspires to exist and be identified in this lost world. A bibliophile, she speaks in metaphors, escapes in her books and finds herself with pens and paintbrushes. The world often compels her to write. Seeks inner peace by exploring nature.

Adrija Jana is a passionately creative writer based in India. She mostly creates poetry pieces based on her personal experiences as well as social issues she is passionate about. Her work mostly revolves around protest against period poverty, marital rape and advocating for freedom of choice, apart from emotional self-lived experiences. She is inspired by writers such as Margaret Mitchell and Rupi Kaur, as well as the minutiae of everyday life. Apart from being a writer, Adrija is also a Spoken Word Artist, Theatrecian, Filmmaker and creative researcher, and all her work is woven together by common themes. She believes that creative pieces that let the innate imperfection shine through truly touch hearts.

Nicole Janney is a 25-year-old undergrad at Iowa State University pursuing a degree in creative writing and technical communication. She loves to write in a variety of genres and is currently working on her debut novel, taking breaks with romance novels and crocheting stuffed koalas.

Jiah is quiet, or that's what most people who had briefly crossed paths with her would say. Being from a polluted metro city in India and having only four months left to turn 16, she gets her daily doses of delight from her puppy, evening walks, cray-cray friends, sunsets and art. In her opinion, anything and everything worth calling pretty is art; and she likes it as subjective as it comes. From words to brush strokes, eyeshadows to dance moves, musical notes to camera shutters and everything in between, she loves it all. She had always been passionate about literature but was too shy to do something about it until now. Little poems and story plots always infest her mind, making things all the more colorful! Feel free to be friends with her on Instagram @jjxaahh :)

Minglu Jiang is a 17-year-old writer from Detroit, MI. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and has appeared in the Copperfield Review Quarterly and Voyage YA Journal. When she's not writing, she enjoys playing jazz bass and falling down research rabbit holes. You can find her ramblings on Twitter at @jiang_minglu.

Srishti Jha is a freelance writer from New Delhi, India. Her interests lie in writing about the poetry of things, people and nature. She also writes short/flash fiction and reviews books, unpublished works of early career writers on her website For reviews and her writings, connect with her on her instagram at @srishti_and_poetry_

Sierra Jones is an eighteen year old college freshman at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee. Sierra has lived in Nashville all her life, and is thrilled to be studying social work and creative writing in her hometown. She has been writing for fun ever since she was a little girl, but didn't take it seriously until her sophomore year of high school. That same year, she took a creative writing class and read one of her poems at an open mic night. In her junior year, she won a Silver Key Scholastic Writing Award for flash fiction, and an Honorable Mention Scholastic Writing Award for poetry. Though her senior year of high school was cut short, Sierra still made the best of it by starting a creative writing club at her high school and winning her school's english and writing award. Sierra wants to be a family counselor, and incorporate creative writing and journaling therapy in her counseling, as well as become a successful author herself. She is currently working on writing a collection of flash fictions and short stories that she hopes will be published in the near future.







Tyler Auston Jones is a poet/writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is 26 years old and graduated from Western Carolina University with a bachelors in English and minor in Creative Writing back in 2018. He currently works as a pre-school teacher and music journalist. He’s finishing his first poetry compilation, Obsidian Sun. He’s inspired by music, his blackness, and the reflections he’s with the world at large

Mirabelle Kakushadze is a fourteen year old girl who has discovered a newfound interest in poetry. She will soon be entering high school, and apart from writing, she loves to read, play soccer, and spend time with friends and family. 

Simon Kaminer is a sophomore at HSMSE in NYC. His passions include the outdoors, learning about historical figures and events, and playing the guitar or other string instruments

Sal Kang is a freelance poet, editor, and translator living in New Jersey. Her work has been published in Vagabond City Lit, Yes Poetry, and Lunch Ticket, among others. She currently edits poetry for Heartburn Review and prose for The Augment Review. She is also the founder of the InkBeat Open Mic Night, a space dedicated exclusively to high school students who wish to showcase their creative talents. Sal curated a bilingual anthology of ekphrastic poetry in 2018, and is currently in the process of compiling her first poetry manuscript.


Willow Kang is a writer from Singapore. When she is not studying or talking, she creates impossibly silly daydreams in her head.

Sakeenah Kareem is a 17-year-old writer, poet and public speaker. She is a passionate learner and an advocate of justice, fairness, liberty and tranquillity. She is currently pursuing her first degree at the University of Ibadan, in the communication and language arts discipline. Sakeenah is a lover of nature, scenery, and family.

Kulsy Kashmiri is a 24 year-old London poet, publishing student and sci-fi enthusiast. Her poetry exists as an extension of herself, deep diving into themes of love, mental illness, beauty and existence.

Bidisha P. Kashyap is a young aspiring artist from India. Currently nineteen years old and a History major student, she is someone who regards writing not only as a passion but also a process of healing. Old school romance and finding beauty in the most ordinary places are typically the main subject of her poetry. Being introduced to the world of literature from a really early age, she has been published in many magazines, anthologies, newspapers, literary websites and blogs. Now she looks forward to publishing her own set of poems.

Sam Kats is a 16-year-old writer from Jacksonville, Florida. He enjoys writing fiction, spoken word, and journalistic pieces.

Simran Kaur is a surrealist still life and creative portrait photographer and artist currently based in London. She is Punjabi and she was born and raised in Italy Simran's main objective is to make the viewer's dreams come true by creating intriguing setups, but she does also creates mental health and environmental awareness with her experimental photography. At the same time, she also creates dreamlike abstract visuals to make the viewer explore another reality. Simran Kaur gets inspired by people's dreams and visions, but her childhood memories also inspire her to create various projects. To keep her childhood memories alive she started doodling digital and traditional illustrations which helps her to understand how she feels about those foggy memories of her childhood.

Harshita Kaushal was born in New Delhi and is currently studying in 12th grade. She is 17 years old. She is a published writer and other than being an exemplary student she also devotes much of her time to her strongest passion, writing, which is an integral part of her life. She hopes to touch the souls of the youth out there with her words.

Emma Keas is a 14-year-old student from California whose love for writing stems from its unlimited potential. You can find her painting, watching movies, brooding over her growing want-to-read list, or fantasizing about food and travel in her free time. Professionally, she is a daydreamer.

Ainsley Kennedy is a shy aspiring author from the Midwestern United States. Pulling heavily from mythology, the natural world, and the people she has met, she uses her works as a way to better come to terms with her own identity and the world around her. When she’s not writing, you can catch her reading, baking, working at the library, or lurking in the back of the local coffee shop. She is currently 18 years old.

Amber Natalie Kennedy is a poet and fiction writer from Oxfordshire, England, currently studying Creative Writing at Durham University. Amber has attended and led The Henry Box School and Durham University creative writing groups. She attended the Oxford Writer’s Squad in 2012-13 and the Finding the Poem virtual course at the Collage Writing Room in 2021. She has a degree in English Literature and is the Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Spellbinder quarterly literary and art magazine. She has self-published a volume of poetry, Immersion, and a novella, The Remains of Beauty. She has also been published in Better Than Starbucks poetry magazine as well as Write Now Lit.

Sophie Kessler is a teenage girl from New Jersey who loves writing and music. She is passionate about social issues, particularly climate change, and encourages you to stand up for what you believe in.

Ashley Kim is a high school senior in New Jersey. She loves to swim and help organize student government events at her school. Her work has previously appeared in the local paper the Record, as well as Journal of the Plague Year, the Amazing Young Writers Challenge, and the 81-Word Story Challenge.

Danielle Kim is a high school student who loves to read, write, and go for long walks with her family on cool spring evenings.

Hana Kim (they/them) is a recent graduate struggling to find a job somewhat relating to publishing. They like to write and buy plushies.

Jihyun Kim is a 26-year-old writer from Seoul, Korea. She writes in many genres with overarching themes of Korean identity, womanhood, mental health and the volatile nature of youth. She studies physics and computer science at Konkuk University. When she is not writing or running physics computer simulations, she spends a lot of time on the internet.

Rosemary Kim is from South Korea, and loves to write poetry, take care of her guinea pigs, and watch movies with friends.

Seonbeom Joshua Kim can be found tinkering with robotics, in a corner reading a good book or taking a nice scenic walk around Northern New Jersey. When Joshua isn't writing, he's playing clarinet or moderating his friend's discord server.

LuLu Kimmel-Miner is a junior living on the West Coast. She enjoys writing, reading, and baking, as well as drinking hot chocolate while it rains. She is also an editor for the Junebug Journal, and has a couple pieces forthcoming in other magazines. Her favorite authors include Sappho, Emily Dickinson, and Robert Frost. Her instagram is luluwrites111 and she has a personal blog at

Ayesha Khan is a seventeen year old from India, born and raised in Qatar. She is a writer, artist and photographer who tells stories using witches, myth and metaphors to carry her characters through unbalanced realities.

Michael Kharadze is a 17-year-old aspiring computer scientist who recently discovered his passion for writing.

Maria Kolyagina is 13 years old and from New York City.

Shriya Koul is a twenty one year old psychology student at University of Delhi. She loves to express her emotions through poetry. She has her own blog on which she uploads her poems. You can check her blog using the link:

Maitreyi Koundinya is a sixteen-year writer from Virginia who adores all things fantasy. Although she can usually be found writing novels, she also dabbles in short stories and screenplays.

Kristy Kwok is an eighteen-year-old currently studying at the University of British Columbia. When she isn't writing poetry or diving into another short story collection, she can be found drinking copious amounts of caffeinated drinks and falling in love with the wrong people. She currently lives in British Columbia, Canada, the most beautiful province in the world.

Vanessa Kwinecki is a 15 year old from Ontario, Canada. When she's not writing she enjoys reading (of course), and baking. Her goal in life is to share her stories with the world.

Anoushka Kumar is a 15 year old writer from India who has been previously published in the Cathartic Literary Youth Magazine and the Crossed Paths Magazine. She is also an editor for the Interstellar Literary Review. Aside from writing, her varied interests include playing music at odd hours of the day, crying over poetry and debating the queerness of complex female characters.

Suchita Senthil Kumar is a 17 year-old writer creating chaos. She feels at home when in Bangalore, India and hopes to feel the same in every little corner of the world. She is Staff Writer at Outlander Zine and writes a monthly Poetry Prompts Blog for The Poetry Cove.

Kelli Lage lives in the Midwest countryside with her husband, and their dog, Cedar. Lage is currently earning her degree in Secondary English Education and works as a substitute teacher. Lage states she is here to give readers words that resonate. Awards: Special Award for First-time Entrant, Lyrical Iowa.


Sage Lai (they/them) is a sixteen-year-old Vietnamese poet residing in Massachusetts with their growing collection of houseplants. To them poetry is a form of catharsis — a purge of turbulent emotions — and they particularly enjoy writing whilst listening to My Chemical Romance. They are an esoteric logophile who loves dark academia, giraffes, museums and reading. Do follow them on Instagram @cathartic_vomit.

Julie Larick is a seventeen-year-old writer and freshman at the College of Wooster. She is majoring in English and Spanish. Julie is a resident of Shaker Heights, Ohio, and dreams of moving to Iowa City. Her writing has been recognized by the Parallax Fiction Contest, Pen Ohio, Teen Voice Media, Kalopsia Lit, Lake Erie Ink, and she is an alumna of Iowa Young Writers’ Studio and ArtWorks. She loves to sew with old fabric, play with her cats, and take walks.

Arim Lee is a sixteen-year-old student based in Massachusetts and Seoul. Her work has been recognized by the Alliance for Young Writers, The Harvard Crimson, The Fitzgerald Museum, Smith College, The Lumiere Review, and more. She edits and reads for The Courant, her school’s literary magazine, The Hanok Review, and Polyphony Lit. In her free time, she enjoys listening to the same song over and over again (right now it’s Butterfly Boucher’s “Life Is Short.”)

Emma Lee is a fourteen-year-old poet attending high school in Florida. She has been an avid writer for years, and strongly believes in the potential of the modern generation to make their voices heard. In her free time, Emma enjoys reading, drawing, playing the piano, and drinking too much boba tea.

Jeniffer Lee lives in South Korea and goes to school on Jeju Island. Her favorite hobbies are writing, playing Volleyball, and hanging out with friends. 

JP Legarte is a Pilipino-American junior at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and an English minor. He is 19 years old and from Streamwood, IL. He desires to provide spaces through his poetry where others can process their own emotions, ponderings, and anything else within life itself. His poems have been previously published or are forthcoming in Poetry Undressed, Behind the Vision, Words & Whispers, and The Global Youth Review among other journals and magazines. You can find him on Instagram at @jpl091 and @unspokenentropy.

Stella Lei is a sixteen-year old writer who has been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Her work has previously appeared in Cathartic Literary Magazine and FEED. She lives in Pennsylvania with her two cats.

Oz Leshem is a fifteen year old poet from Taos, New Mexico. Oz attends New Mexico School for the Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Oz was a finalist for the 2020 Santa Fe Youth Poet Laureate and a silver medalist in the 2020 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for Poetry. Recently, Oz was selected as a 2020 Miller Scholar for excellence in Creative Writing at New Mexico School for the Arts.

Kenny Li (18, he/him) is a current First-Year student studying at Yale University from Cleveland, OH. In his free time, he enjoys writing, playing tennis, stargazing, and making song mashups.

Natasha Lim is a 19 year old psychology student from Singapore with a strong passion for writing and helping others. Her writing has been published in platforms such as Potted Purple and Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine, with works forthcoming in other publications. In her spare time, she enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee and reading books that make her cry.

Anna Lin is a 17-year-old in the United States that enjoys eating, reading, and taking pictures of the sky.

Chloe Lin is a 15 year old writer who lives in Long Island, New York. She is currently published/forthcoming in Rattle, Young Writers, Horse Egg Literary, and she is a finalist in 1455’s 3rd Annual Teen Poetry Contest. She is a submissions reader for Herricks OPUS and the Young Writers Initiative. When Chloe is not selling her soul to a Google Document, she enjoys messing up recipes and folding paper cranes. She tweets @chlo_voyance.

September Lin is a 16 year old writer living in America. They enjoy writing poems that are a stew of whatever novels, shows, and tropes own their mind right now - which is right now at least partially This Is How You Lose the Time War and villain couples. They hope you have a good summer.

Thee Sim Ling (she/her) is a young Southeast Asian writer. She has placings in numerous writing competitions, including being a winner for the 2021 Inklings Book Contest, and her work has been published or is forthcoming in Stone Soup, Shameless Magazine and Skipping Stones. Outside of writing, she’s a technology enthusiast and a proud INTJ.

Amy Liu is a seventeen-year-old writer from Long Island, New York. She has been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Her work is forthcoming in the Rising Phoenix Review and Inklette Magazine, among others.

Brendan Liu is an avid video game hobbyist and collector with a growing passion for visual art, design and programming. They are an astral terrarium for lucid dreams, stories, and unbound creativity, waiting to be shared to give joy to the world.

Maria Litrivi is a 16 years old writer from Athens, Greece. She is the author of many (unpublished) novels and dreams of founding her own comic book publishing house. She has attended various writing workshops. She's a musical theater fan and can often be found singing her favorite soundtracks at the top of her lungs.

Ari Lohr is an 18-year-old-wannabe-astronaut-turned-poet attending university in Boston, MA. He is a Brave New Voices semifinalist, and has performed at various local and regional slams such as Slamlandia, Portland Poetry Slam, Verselandia, and more. Ari’s poetry focuses on the gravity between mental health, LGBTQ advocacy, grief, love, and a variety of other themes. He has been published in numerous magazines including the Big Windows Review, Kalopsia Lit, Incandescent Review, and is set to appear in various publications later in 2020. He is also an editor for the Bitter Fruit Review magazine. Ari can be found on Instagram as @i.o.jupiter.

Avery London is a junior at Sacramento Waldorf School in Fair Oaks, CA. They've lived most of their life in the foothills of Northern California. As an Okinawan Jew, cultural and religious identity informs their fiction and nonfiction work. They're an avid queer writer in the process of authoring their first novel and chapbook. They enjoy experimental and free- verse poetry, and always love a good flash fiction piece over tea!

Dorothy Lune is a 16 y/o Yorta Yorta poet who has been writing poems for 4 years, born in Australia. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Aurora Journal, Alternate route, Open leaf press, and more. She started out writing songs, drawing, painting, and writing poems. She found poetry to be the type of writing and medium she loves most and decided to start submitting to literary magazines and journals in January of 2021. She has a debut chapbook entitled Heart planetary coming out in April 2022.

Bethany Lyall is a 23 year old Creative Writing Masters student living & working in Manchester. She has been writing for almost 5 years, and has developed a contemporary confessional lyric style. She explores themes of youth and relationships in her work, and the effect both have on her mental health as she attempts to navigate a world she sometimes feels she doesn't fit into. More of her work can be found on her Instagram page, at

Kaleena Madruga is a writer living in Chicago. She received her BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at Roosevelt University. She is 30 years old and originally from San Diego, California.


Valerie Mae is a 13 year old lover of all things creative, who lives in New South Wales, Australia. 

Smruti Mahapatra is a 15-year old, class 10th student from K.C. Public School, India and have been writing poems and short stories both for her own satisfaction and for the school and local magazines and hope to make a difference here as well.

Nandini Rabindra Maharana (she/her) is a science student & writer based in Delhi, India. She was born in the year 2004. Her work has previously appeared in Aurora Journal, Bridge Ink Journal, etc. In her spare time, she reads novels and often writes some. She's a big fan of a good playlist. You can find more about her on:

Krittika Majumder is a 14-year-old high school student from Kolkata, India. She is a passionate writer and a voracious reader. She was the winner of a writing contest organized by the magazine, Youth Connect and also a runner-up of Winterlytical, a writing contest organized by L.I.G.H.T Community. Her work has been published in many magazines and newspapers. She can be found on Instagram @krittika006.


Aisha Malik is an emerging writer. Her poems have been featured in 3 Moon Publishing, Dreams Walking, Sisters of Frida, The Bitchin' Kitsch and The Door Is A Jar. She hopes to publish a book one day. She can be found on twitter @aishatweetsalot.

Bhavika Malik is a freshman in high school, she is from Gurgaon, India. In her free time, she likes to read or catch up on TV. She is a novice writer and hopes that she can start with Ice Lolly Review. 

Tamanna Malik is a nineteen year old English Literature student at University of Delhi. She has contributed articles to ‘The Quint’ and ‘LiveWire’. She has also made contributions to online and print literary journals like ‘The Indian Periodical’, ‘The Writers Club’, ‘Bitacora’. You can find her on Instagram- @tamannaamalik

Yanna Mallari is a 17 year-old Filipina from Manila, Philippines.

Anushka Mankodi is a 16 year old poet and fantasy fiction writer, living in Muscat, Oman who spends her time listening to music, reading avidly, and writing. She aspires to major in media and communication, and eventually go on to become a magazine editor.

Olumide Manuel is a Nigerian poet, 24, with pronouns (he/him) and a degree in environmental science. His Poetry has been featured on or forthcoming on ARTmosterrific journal, Gigantic Sequins, Frontier Poetry, Feral Poetry Club, Plum Literary Journal Sublunary Review, Grand Little Things and elsewhere. He tweets @Olu_midemanuel.

​Chris Mardiroussian is a graduate student at California State University, Long Beach. In 2018, he won First Prize in the Cinema Italian Style Film Festival (sponsored by the prestigious American Cinematheque in Los Angeles) for his short film entitled IL BREAKUP, which he co-wrote and produced. In 2017, he co-wrote a collection of poetry entitled HONESTY. LOVES. CRUELTY. He lives in Glendale, California.


Carol Mathew is an 15-year old Indian writer and highschool student living in Long Island, New York. She was born in 2006 and writes both creative non-fiction and realistic fiction pieces.

Ashryel Mavers is an 18-year-old undergraduate English student from India. She has a profound love for writing, literature and artistic expression and hopes to change the world one word at a time. You can find her lurking on her Instagram

Lorna McBain is a brand new, fresh, young poet who has previously been published in RISEN magazine. When she's not writing Lorna can often be found reading, watching old movies, and listening to an eclectic range of music.

S. McKiernan is an 18 year old college student, writer and poet. Their work has been published Feed Us With Words, Analogies and Allegories Literary Magazine, Sad Girl Review, and Square Wheel Press. S. is currently working on getting her chapbook of compiled poems published and transferring from community college to a four year school to get a Creative Writing or English degree.

Emma McCoy is a literature student at Point Loma Nazarene University. Her work can be found in places like Seaborne Magazine, Catfish Creek, and The Crux. She’s a peer reviewer for Whale Road Review, and can be found on twitter: @poetrybyemma

MeadowZ is 26. She lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Sophie Sewell Mechem has lived in Northampton, Massachusetts since she was born in June of 2008. She lives with her mother, father, brother, and beloved labradoodle. Sophie has always liked reading and writing, but first started writing independently around 4th grade. She writes mostly realistic fiction, fantasy fiction, thriller, and drama. Her other hobbies include swimming, listening to and playing music, dancing, skiing, martial arts and hanging out with friends. She loves Mexican food and has a massive sweet tooth.

Naisha Mehta is an art enthusiast who loves to draw, paint, sketch and explore different mediums. She also practices calligraphy during her free time.

Sonia Mehta is an emerging writer and a junior at a high school in Central Ohio. Sonia started writing poetry as a child, but by high school, while she still loved the beauty of poetry, the writer felt the solitude it imposed. She switched to prose. According to Miss Mehta, “In the world of fiction writing, I am always in the company of the characters I am creating.” Sonia submitted several of her works to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. They won a gold and two silver keys. Her story “Porch” went on to win a National Gold Medal in 2020. Other stories have been published in the Secret Attic, Blue Marble Review, and Apprentice Writer. Currently, Miss Mehta is an editor of Polyphony Lit Magazine.

Isabella Melians is a 16-year-old sophomore attending school in South Florida. She is the vice president of her school's writing club, "The Writers' Circle," and hopes to get published in various online media. After graduation, Isabella hopes to attend university in the northeast United States and study psychology.

Ella Mevissen is a 14 year old girl living in the United States. She finds solace in creation, and her favorite hobby is making words into art. You can find her dancing in the moonlight, singing with the birds, and finding the simple joys in life.


Shriya Mkumar (she/her) is a 15-year-old desi poet with a love for brownies, books, and busy days. She is the co-founder and EIC of Filter Coffee Zine, her work has been published or is forthcoming in various platforms like Gen Control Z, Bibliopunk Lit, Tiger Zine, Erato Mag,

and more. Say hi to her on Twitter @filtercoffeemag or @riiwritess!

Brady Mondry is a 19-year-old aspiring writer/filmmaker from Huntington, New York. For Brady, writing is a therapeutic process that helps him understand and process his emotions, and to use them as a force of creative good. He spends his time fearing things both real and imagined, and loving every second of it.

Miceala Morano (she/her) is a high school senior from Arkansas. Her work is published in Footnotes, Project Said, and Paper Crane Journal, and has been previously recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She was recently named the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association's Literary Magazine Writer of the Year.

Maya Morey lives on Long Island, New York and is 14 years old, turning 15 soon in March. She is so grateful for this opportunity to show her work somewhere else other than a personal google document!

Udita Mukherjee is a 21 year old from Kolkata, India. She has won several international writing contests. Her pieces have been published in a literary magazine edited by Ruskin Bond. The first play she wrote was selected by Bombay Theatre Company for The Theatre Project 2020.

Caitlin Mundy is a twenty-four year old poet and recent graduate of mathematics from Ontario, Canada. In the summers you can find her planting trees in Northern Canada and dreaming up new adventures to have. She has work published or upcoming in Global Poemic, Gnashing Teeth Publishing, and Anti-Heroin Chic. You can find her on instagram @caitlin.mundy.

Emily Murman is a poet & educator from Chicago. She holds an MFA in poetry from National University. Her debut chapbook, "SHRIVEL AND BLOOM," was published via Dancing Girl Press in June 2021 & her chapbook "I want your emergency" is forthcoming via Selcouth Station Press in July 2021. She can be found on Twitter @emilymurman.

Zach Murphy is a Hawaii-born writer with a background in cinema. His stories appear in Reed Magazine, Ginosko Literary Journal, The Coachella Review, Mystery Tribune, Yellow Medicine Review, Ellipsis Zine, Drunk Monkeys, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine. His forthcoming chapbook “Tiny Universes” (Selcouth Station Press) is due out in Spring 2021. He lives with his wonderful wife Kelly in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Lucia Mwamba is a poet and a published author from Botswana. Her first book titled Love is Nice, Pain is Nicer! was published in 2021 and is non fiction. She graduated from the University of Botswana and holds a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies.

Tanvi Nagar, 16, belongs to Haryana, India and is a student at Delhi Public School, Gurgaon. She has been writing for the past eight years and is passionate about public speaking, travelling, playing sports and reading. She has contributed to national newspapers like ‘The Times of India’ and ‘Hindustan Times’; magazines like the ‘Neev Magazine’ and ‘Children’s World’ and anthologies like ‘The Last Flower of Spring’ and ‘Riding on a Summer Train’ by Delhi Poetry Slam; ‘The Great Indian Anthology’ by Half Baked Beans and ‘She the Shakti’ by Authors Press. She is the Editor in her school and has authored three books titled, ‘A Treasure Trove of Poetic Wonderland’ ‘A Bountiful of Rhythmic Stories’ and ‘My Book of Short Stories and Poems’ and two research papers which were published in the International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research.

Jyotsna Nair is a seventeen-year old currently living in Kerala, India. She mostly writes prose fiction, and her work has previously been published in Canvas Literary Journal, Cathartic Youth Literary Journal, Ogma Magazine, and The Apprentice Writer. She is a firm believer in the power of banana bread, and has been known to consume copious amounts in alarmingly short intervals of time.

Since she was twelve, Ayah Najarbashi has loved writing whatever convoluted sci-fi stories came to her head. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, her passion for writing has been the calling that gets her through her AP Chemistry homework and chores. She's currently editing the millionth draft of her latest WIP, surrounded by empty cups of water, coffee, and library books.

Anna Nam is a fourteen-year-old student from Eastern Pennsylvania. In her free time, she loves to write, cook, and play soccer!

amelia nason is a seventeen-year-old writer from portland, oregon. she is a next generation indie award finalist, a scholastic award winner, and an alumna of the interlochen arts academy summer intensive. when she isn’t writing, amelia fences competitively and enviously reads the acknowledgements sections of her favorite books. you can find her on twitter @amelia_emn.

Chiu-yi Rachel Ngai (she/her) is seventeen and a high school student from Hong Kong. Currently studying in Arkansas, she works closely with Footnotes, her school's award-winning literary magazine, and with SeaGlass Literary, Intersections Magazine, and Project Said. She is the winner of Rider University's 41st High School Short Story Writing Contest and the Senior High Sybil Nash Abrams Memorial Poetry Contest as well as the recipient of the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association's 2022 Literary Magazine Writer of the Year award. Her work can be found in Words and Whispers, Blue Marble Review, and Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine among others.

KatieAnn Nguyen is a 15 year old Hmong-Vietnamese American who lives in California, US. To her, writing is about the freedom of expression, an extension of who she is. It is her hope that one day her work will be able to touch someone and help them through their own experiences.

Tran Quynh Nguyen is a junior at Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted in Hanoi, Vietnam. Her work is not forthcoming anywhere since she is a newbie to this publishing thing but she has written poetry for most of her life and is an upcoming participant in Sewanee Young Writer's Conference.

Cindy Nie is an aspiring writer and high school student from Shanghai, China. During high school, she spent two years in Claremont, California, before returning to her hometown due to the pandemic. Her work has been published in Teen Ink, and she writes with a focus on gender and identity. One of her favorite books is Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner.

Brooke Nind is a 16-year-old high school junior from southern California. Her work has been recognized by the Just Poetry National High School Poetry contest and other local writing competitions. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Intersections Mag and a genre editor for Polyphony Lit. On any given day, you can find her eating a burrito.

Maabena Nti is a 15 year old freshman at Alpha Beta Christian College. She is a young poet/writer based in Ghana. She enjoys writing, daydreaming and binge-reading romance novels. Her work has been published in the Celtic Literary Review.

Riana Montes de Oca is a secondary education major with a minor in creative writing at Saint Leo University. She is nineteen years old and originally from New Jersey, but she has moved around a great deal. Reading and Writing are her passions.

Sarah Ogden is seventeen and a junior at Cocoa Beach High School in Florida. She is previously unpublished, besides having one older poem self-published. She spends most of her free time writing, but she also enjoys traveling, surfing, running cross country, and listening to 70s music. She hopes to pursue a career as a writer.

Marisa Oishi is a 14-year-old writer from Washington state. She is a ballet dancer and loves reading and crossword puzzles. She frequently publishes her work on Write the World.

Chinwe Okonkwo is from Suwannee, Georgia. She enjoys writing and acting and has dreams of becoming a professional screenwriter.


Fasasi Abdulrosheed Oladipupo is a Nigerian poet & a Veterinary Medical Student, whose first love is art making. He is an avid reader, who sees poetry in everything, with great interest in storytelling. His works are forthcoming in: Roanoke Review, Santa Ana River Review, Stand Magazine, Louisiana Literature, Obsidian: Literature and Art in the African Diaspora, Collateral, Welter Journal, LEVITATE and elsewhere.

​Tara O'Malley is a twenty-one year old writer from Galway, Ireland. She is currently studying Creative Writing at the National University of Ireland, Galway. She has previously been published in Neuro Logical and Galway Advertiser's VoxGalvia.


Amo O'Neil is a queer Chinese-American student from the Bay Area. She is the author and director of the one-act play, An Apology to Everyone Who Loves Me, as well as an alum of Kenyon Young Writers, the Iowa Young Writers Studio, and the UCLA pre-college institute of film and television.

Emily Joy Oomen is a 22-year-old journalist and multimedia poet from the Pacific Northwest. Her work has been featured in BBC, The Wall Street Journal, the Athens International Video Poetry Festival, Vice, Buzzfeed, and many other publications. She has a B.A. in English from the University of Washington and helps curate videos for Button Poetry. You can find her on Instagram @poetic_espresso and on Twitter @emilyjoyoomen.

Nana Opare-Addo is a thirteen-year old writer who resides in New York. When she was younger, she became fascinated by a variety of poems & short stories, so she began writing. Writing under the nom de plume, Vicarious, Nana is currently a teen writer at!

Amelhyne O'Regan-Farineau is a 17-year-old teen filmmaker, podcaster, and writer from Ireland. She hosts a podcast called 'Talk About It', which works to destigmatize mental health for teens and young adults. Her article 'The Definition of Beauty' has been published in A Lust For Life and her poem 'My Dear Bluebird' in Metamorphosis Magazine.

Eli Osei, 17, is a South African interdisciplinary creative with a previous passion for life and a current passion for toasted sandwiches. He finds joy in writing, directing, photographing, and watching movies. Eli believes that there is an incredible amount of hope and peace to be found in the mundane. To him, it is the normal life that possesses more beauty than anything else, and he hopes that his work captures that.

Diya Padiyar (she/her) is a 16 years old student from Goa, India with aspirations and dreams to share her words with the world. She likes to explore and acquire new skills. Her favorite feeling is productivity.

Aadit Pahuja is a fifteen year-old living in Delhi, India. He has previously written for school magazines and some literary magazines. His poetry is related to topics which drift away from the normal and explores topics like human trafficking and religious beliefs. He spends most of his time thinking about writing, and when he starts writing, he ends up doing something else. Other hobbies include killing time on YouTube and Netflix. He is also a strong supporter of minority groups and the LGBTQ+ community.

Nadija Palinich is a 19-year-old university student from New Zealand. She writes as a hobby because writing, in its many different forms, inspires her.

Srishti Pandey (she/her) is 15-year-old and hails from India; a sleep-deprived teenager, with big dreams. When she is not studying math, physics or chemistry, she finds solace in the literary world. She might be slightly addicted to the band – tomorrow x together. You can find her on instagram: and twitter: @srishtipandey_.

Panagiotis Papanikolaou comes from and lives in Greece. He is thirteen years old, a Greek student of secondary school and writes literature in general, but mainly poetry. He is a contributor to some poetry and literature websites and some of his poems have been singled out.

Haylie Parkison is a English Language and Literature major who enjoys expressing herself through literature and writing. She hails from Malaysia and has been writing since they were in high school. Besides writing, Haylie also loves to draw and listens to K-pop groups such as Red Velvet and LOONA in their free time.

Samina Parveen is a 15 year old common girl from India with some uncommon dreams. Writing is a part of her and words run in her blood. Her dream is to inspire the youth and to be remembered as a world changer.

Tanvi Paropkari is in her teens, aged 15. She is from India and enjoys reading various books across different genres. She has taken to writing poetry as she feels she can express herself better through means of rhymes and poetic lines. She identifies herself as a feminist. She also loves to indulge herself in various arts and crafts.

Ashley Pearson (she/her) is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing and Biochemistry following the Pre-Med route at Knox College. She is 19 years old. She divides her time between Monmouth and Galesburg Illinois. Ashley can be found on Instagram @ashleynicolewrites and on Twitter @ashley___writes.

AJ Pfeffer (23, he/him) is a trans & Jewish writer living off of stale movie theater popcorn and occasionally stargazing somewhere in the northeastern United States. His work can be found in Ink Drinkers and warning lines; you can otherwise track him down on Twitter @Pfeffington.

Jasmine Piñon is a 17 year old Senior at Empire High School in Tucson, Arizona. She is currently apart of an Early College Program where she is working to finish her Freshman year of college prior to enrolling at the University of Arizona where she plans on double majoring in Biochemistry and Business as well as minoring in Marine Science.

Claire Pinkston is a biracial Black poet and writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work has been previously recognized at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She is seventeen years old.

Angelica Pizza (she/her) is a 22-year-old writer from Long Island, New York whose ancestors may or may not have invented pizza. Probably not, but it's her real last name and one of her favorite foods. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and she focuses most of her writing on celebrating strong women, both real and fictional. Angelica has published over forty articles as a contributing writer to her alma mater's chapter of Her Campus Media, and she has been published in TEMPO Magazine's Fall 2020 issue. When she's not writing, she enjoys shopping for vintage classic rock records, adding to her crystal collection, and of course, eating pizza.

Sam Podnar is seventeen and attends high school in Pittsburgh, PA. When she's not writing, she enjoys baking and worrying about things out of her control. After graduation, she plans to major in international relations and pursue creative writing on the side.

Prachi is a 17 year old girl who lives in panipat. She loves to write and she finds her happiness and peace in writing.

Halle Preneta enjoys writing short romance, sci-fi, and horror stories along with poetry and gets her ideas from random life experiences and fanfiction. When she’s not writing, she’s either watching YouTube or playing Animal Crossing. Her Twitter handle is @YaTheatreNerd.


McCaela Prentice (she/her) is living in Astoria, NY. She is 25 years old. Her poems have previously appeared in Hobart, Ghost City Review, and Perhappened. Her debut chapbook “Junk Drawer Heart” was published in 2020 by Invisible Hand Press.

Skye Preston is a 14 year old from California. In her free time, you can find her writing, drawing, and listening to or playing music.

Katie Proctor (they/them) is an 18 year old poet from Yorkshire, England. They write freeform poetry and prose typically regarding their experience with love, relationships and mental health. Their debut collection of poetry, Seasons, was published in 2020, and their sophomore collection A Desire for Disaster will be published later this year, both by Hedgehog Poetry. They are the editor-in-chief of celestite poetry, a journal of creative writing and non-fiction. They are currently on a gap year, and will be studying English and Related Literature at the University of York in 2022. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram @katiiewrites and online at

Jessica Purgett is 23 years old and currently resides in Southeast Wisconsin. She is the editor-in- chief of The Mark Literary Review. She is published in Paha Review and has work forthcoming in Sledgehammer Lit.​​

Addie Rahmlow (she/her) is a teen writer, editor, and student from the Midwest. She enjoys screenwriting, photography and has an obsession with iced tea. Her work can be found in Interstellar Literary Review and the Write the World Review, among others, and has been recognized by the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. You can find her at She hopes you're having a wonderful day!

Shreya Raj is a 17 year old Indian poet and writer. She is deeply invested in all forms of art especially music and writing. She is also sensitive about mental health issues and hopes to provide people some comfort through her work. She loves BTS and hates mathematics.

Farzeen Rashid is from British Columbia, Canada. She enjoys poetry writing, embroidery, and mathematics.

Julia Dun Rappaport is a writer, poet, and artist. She was an Honorable Mention in the 2020 Longfellow Student Poetry Contest, the 2020 winner of her school-wide poetry slam, and the 2018 Graduation Writing Award. Her poetry has been published in The Boothbay Register, the book, “A Celebration of Poets,” Skipping Stones, the Auroras and Blossoms PoArtMo Anthology and Cathartic Literary Magazine. She was also selected to be her school’s 2021 graduation speaker. In addition, her designs and paintings have won several school and town art contests, as well as the Creative Communications national art contest. Julia is fourteen years old and lives outside of Boston with her family.

Adi Raturi is an 18 year old living in Singapore. He enjoys reading and writing both nonfiction and fiction. He has won a number of gold keys in the Scholastic Arts and Writing awards as well as a national medal in the competition for short story.

Anna Ray was born in Rome, Italy. She moved to the UK and studied English Literature at the University of Warwick, followed by a Master's in Translation at the University of Bristol. Anna is 25 years old and lives in London, where she works as a writer, translator and holistic therapist. Ranging from scripts to short stories and poetry, Anna's writing aims at exploring stories and instants of emotional impact, with a focus on female and queer experiences.

M. C. Reed (13, she/xe) is a Chinese-American artist and writer from Pennsylvania. When she’s not sketching or typing, xe is either lacing her combat boots, listening to indie pop, or being distracted by xyr cats.

Miriam Reichenberg is an aspiring playwright, artist, and poet, even though she is only fourteen years old. She lives in California. When not writing, Miriam enjoys reading classic books, taking long walks in nature, and listening to 80s music. Miriam is also a member of Write the World, where she writes under the name Mirkat.


Austin J. Remington is a 21 year old poet, artist, and musician from Natchitoches, Louisiana. He is currently studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing at Northwestern State University of Louisiana.

Kaydance Rice is a 16 year old writer from Grand Rapids Michigan and is currently attending Interlochen Arts Academy. Kaydance’s work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards having received several regional recognitions as well as national best in grade and gold medal recognitions. Kaydance’s work can be found in Élan Magazine, Fledge, Cargoes, and the Interlochen Review. In her free time, Kaydance can be found baking caramel cookies, playing the viola, and spending time with her plants.

L.Y. Rinn is a Chinese-Malaysian poet and writer. Aside from being part of the poetry editing team for her university’s literary magazine Particle, several of her poems have also been published in Aster Lit. She is in love with mythology, the beauty of hanfu designs, and magical realism.

Monica Robinson ( is a queer experimental poet and artist, mixing mediums to create fresh works of exploratory literature. She is eternally haunted by the rural Midwestern landscape in which she grew up, and she has been writing her brand of the weird and the wild ever since. Monica is currently twenty-one and resides in Philadelphia with her partner, her husky, and her library-sized collection of books, all crammed into one small apartment.

Isabel Lee Roden (they/them) is a 21-year-old Filipino-Chinese poet from Madison, WI. They're currently studying at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. Roden is dedicated to exploring identity within their work and what it means to be queer and mixed-race at this juncture in history. They can be found on Instagram at @leewritespoems.

Tanya Rodriguez (she/her) has been poet-ing for about 2 years, having cultivated her writing interests during the infamous Quarantine. As Editor in Chief and Copy Editor for her school's Yearbook, as well as Vice President of a writing club, she's had great experience composing creative writing and journalistic pieces, as well as educating and sharing her passion for syntax with others. Tanya is an 18-y.o. senior in CAMS high school, in Carson, CA; is obsessed with turtles; and enjoys long walks in the rain.

Trini Rogando is a sixteen-year-old currently attending TJHSST in Alexandria, Virginia. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Kalopsia Lit, Second Revolution, the Interstellar Review, and others, and was recently named a National Winner of the National High School Poetry Contest. She wants to remind everyone to not take life too seriously; no one ever gets out alive.

Aleena Rose is a 16-year-old high school student from New York who adores the stories that take people beyond this world. When not plotting another angsty fantasy romance, she can be found consuming an ungodly amount of cranberry tea or sharing writing tips for her community on Instagram.

Asenath Rose (she/her) is a fifteen-year-old from the USA's East Coast with deeply cliche New York City dreams. She writes poetry but favors songwriting, which she plans to pursue as a career. She plays guitar, bass, ukulele, lap steel, and banjo. Her favorite things include rainy days, coffee with a splash of milk, and blazers. She has previously been published in Teen Ink.

Roy aspires to become a writer someday and indulges herself mostly in painting and writing. She finds solace in diary writing, reading and listening to music. She regards music and observations to be the main source of the topics of her writings. She likes to write and compose works mostly in free verses and is trying to excel in the respective.

Commonly writing under the pen name, Cosmogyral, Caleb Sa works majorly with micropoetry, the focus of many being that of the state of mind. She likes to write in a way that her short poems can hold a haunting sense of casualness with an intense drop and a hopeful ending. With inspirations such as Yung Pueblo and Eden, Caleb enjoys the softness set into poetry, and when they may seem plain, but are as intricate as sunflowers.

Sneha Sadhukhan is a 16 year old high school sophomore from Kolkata, India who writes as a hobby. Previously unpublished, she dreams of being an established author some day. A permanent fixture on the Creative writing section of her school magazine, her other hobbies include obsessively reading(and rereading), baking, ardently debating social issues, overanalyzing every lyric in the entirety of Taylor Swift's ever-growing discography, and falling far too much in love with fictional characters.

Mahbubat Kanyinsola Salahudeen is an 18 year old lady, writer, spoken words artist, poet and human rights activist from South Western Nigeria. She has works featured and forthcoming with Spillwords magazine Fiery scribe review, Lolwe, Ice Flow Press and elsewhere. She is a Girl Up Scholarship Fund Recipient 2021, a Girl Up Project Award Recipient 2021 and a winner of IHRAF Creators of Literary Justice Award 2021. Besides storytelling, she is intrigued by music, sports, catering and historical movies.

Anthony Salandy is a mixed-race poet & writer whose work tends to focus on social inequality throughout late-modern society. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony's work has been published 120 times. Anthony has 1 published chapbook titled 'The Great Northern Journey'. Twitter/Instagram: @anthony64120

Elizabeth Sallow (she/her) is a queer nineteen year old who lives in a small village in the UK. She believes in the universal and connective power of literature and hopes that she can make people feel understood in a way that she did growing up with her head in a book. She also likes succulents. It's a problem. You can find her on Instagram @elizabeth.sallow

Sanchi’s patronus is a unicorn and she is a universe believer. She loves to talk about fireflies, stars, and books. She is a selenophile and loves the croissant crescent. She is procrastinator who finds solace in writing and says, “I dive into books what’s your superpower?” She is from Haryana, India.

Olowonjoyin Muhammed Sanni (A-Per-Se), he/him, 21 years old, studies Biochemistry in University of Ilorin. His works have been published or forthcoming in My Woven Words, Poemify, Livina Press, Arts Lounge, Nanty Greens, Acropolis Journal, Hey! Young Writer, in his head and elsewhere. When he's not tracing biochemical pathways, he's either writing, binge-reading tweets, or thinking about making his life better and finding peace. He tweets @APerSe_ and on you can find him on Facebook @ Olówónjoyin Muhammed Sanni. He writes from Nigeria.

Dana Serea is a rising senior at Rutherford High School in Rutherford, NJ. She loves competitive swimming, photography, and writing. Her work has been published in Canvas Literary Journal, Lunch Ticket, Bluefire, and in the Poetry Society of Virginia anthology. She is the winner of a Scholastic Art & Writing National Gold Medal, as well as a Gold Key winner for the state of New Jersey two years in a row. She won the 1st place in the 2020 Renee Duke Youth Award Poetry Contest for Human Rights for poetry, the 1st place in the 2020 Ringling College for Art and Design “Storytellers of Tomorrow” Writing Contest for a short story, as well as several third places and honorable mentions in national contests for her poetry and prose.

Saya Shamdasani is a freshman at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. She is passionate about the written word, social justice, and education policy.

Sanjana Shankar is a sixteen year old desi poet, with an affinity for cats, coffee and creative writing. she exists solely off of pinterest boards, YA lit and copious amounts of ocean vuong. she runs a lit mag (@filtercoffeemag on twitter) with her best friend. say hi to her on twitter at @infinitesmals !

Cathy Shang is a Chinese 17 year old student studying in Shanghai, China in Shanghai American School Pudong Campus. She writes poetry as a form of self expression and in hope of capturing the intensely important emotions of the human experience. Her writing focuses primarily on fleeting dreams and sentiments from stories of her life so far, as well as the weight of silence as a form of communication. In her spare time, she likes to make digital art and animation, and compete in parliamentary debate.

Lauren Sharp is a 21 year old writer from Berkshire, her fiction has been published with Ellipsis Zine, The York Journal and Fincham Press. She has just completed her degree at the University of Roehampton, London, studying Creative Writing.

Kayleigh Sim is a Southeast Asian writer living in San Diego, California, and is currently an Executive Editor for Polyphony Lit. Kayleigh is a 17 year old high school senior and will graduate in 2022. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Interstellar Lit, Aster Lit, The Global Youth Review, Clandestine Lit, The Augment Review, warning lines mag, Pollux Journal, and elsewhere. She tweets @kayleighsim_ .

Mekhala Singhal is a twenty-four-year-old Master’s student at New York University. They are an actor, activist, artist and poet, with a passion for music, books and film. Mekhala grew up in Mumbai, India, and can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @meksnosense.

Avantika Singh (she/her) is a fourteen-year-old South Asian American novelist and poet. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and she's the editor of hyacinthus mag. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading romance and E.M. Forster novels, online window shopping, and baking. Find her on Twitter @avantikaswrites and @hyacinthusmag.

Shreya Singh is a 22 year old law student from India. She's an emerging writer with a few scattered acknowledgements. Her poems often depict stories where the characters face the same dilemmas and issues as her. They speak of turmoil, innocent bursts of joy and the clouds of doubt one is often faced with in their twenties. She writes in free verse and her poems can be best described as Ballad Poems.

Sophie Singleton is a 16-year-old aspiring writer from southwest Georgia. Writing has always been a way to free herself from the stresses of everyday life and the feeling of just not being "good enough." Throughout childhood, Singleton has learned to embrace who she is in order to live her best life. She is a girl who loves to play tennis, run XC T&F, and soak up those happy moments that come when least expected. Singleton seeks to inspire other people her age to be their true, unapologetic selves. If she could make an impact on one child's life and inspire them to pursue their interests, whether that be writing or something entirely different, then her work would mean a whole lot more to her.


Moth Skuller is a 15 year old poet, digital artist, and black nail polish enthusiast from Oregon. He lives in a house on a hill. He loves to paint, sculpt, and tweet blurry photos of the sky. Moth can be found on twitter @hellaabore.

Audrey Smith is a sophomore from a small Pennsylvania town who recently discovered the magic of tape loops. Currently, she is obsessed with repeatedly reminding her English class that she hates Winston from 1984. She has been recognized regionally by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Palmer Smith is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and an incoming MFA and MA student. She has worked as a paralegal since 2018. She has written for Refresh Magazine, The Online Journal for Person-Centered Dermatology, Sea Maven Magazine, Calm Down Magazine, Selcouth Station and the Remington Review.

Carina Solis is a fifteen-year-old writer living in Georgia. Her work has been recognized or is forthcoming in the Eunoia Review, Wrongdoing Mag, Gone Lawn, and elsewhere. She is an editor at Polyphony Lit, an intern at Young Eager Writers, and a mentee at Ellipsis Writing & the Daphne Review. Often, you can find her binge-watching movies. At 1:00 AM. On school nights.

Kyle Jun-Seok Song has a voice that might surprise you. Kyle can be found singing in choir or debating his peers for thought-provoking fun. Kyle enjoys writing at home in Connecticut in his spare time and hopes to one day be a doctor.

Victoria Spencer is studying writing at the Alabama School of Fine Arts and lives in Birmingham, Alabama. She believes creative writing is one of the best ways to express thoughts and ideas.

Carys Sporte is a sixteen-year-old writer from Oakland, California. She has previously been published in Parallax Literary Journal as well as Germ Magazine. She is currently writing her first science fiction novel, and hopes to pursue this as a career.


Myiesha Srivatsva is a 14-year-old girl who is currently living in India. She is very passionate about poetry, and has been writing since she was 6-7 years old. She has had some of her poems end up in local/school magazines and has seized the first position in various competitions.

Sylvi Stein (she/her) is an undergraduate at Columbia University. Her writing has been published by Orotone Journal, AYASKALA Magazine, and Rattle, among others. In her spare time, Sylvi can be found wandering the aisles of used book stores, even though she has more than enough to read at home.

Freedom Strange (she/they/fae) is a seventeen year old writer based in Texas. They spend their free time doodling in the margins of textbooks, collecting old records, and writing queer love poems. You can find more of their poetry on Wattpad @quantumstrange or check out their zine online at

Lydia Strohfeldt is a 22 year old Melbourne based writer. She is currently studying literature, journalism and music at Monash University. Her work is interested in feminine identity, self- image, relationships (both romantic and familial), as well as storytelling as social activism. Lydia has recently been published in Lot's Wife, The Dead Magpie, Dreamlism Zine and Bloom Magazine.

Richard Su is a grade 8 student from Fraser Heights Secondary School in Canada. He enjoys writing poetry and likes to code. His writing has been recognized by Surrey Libraries, Queen's Commonwealth Essay Contest, and Purpose Youth Society

J.V. Sumpter is a 21-year-old writer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has a BFA from the University of Evansville, Indiana and recent publications in New Welsh Review, Leading Edge Magazine, and Not Deer Magazine, with more forthcoming. Visit her on Twitter @JVSReads.

Amanda Sun is a 14 year old freshman at Princeton High School in Princeton, New Jersey. She likes to write about diners and ghosts, among other things. She will be graduating with the class of 2024.

Livs Sun is a 16 year old writer and digital artist based in Northern Virginia. They are a fan of shrimp, primary colors, and exploring themes of identity and memory in their work. Twitter: @explodedsun.

Saanvi Sundaram is a fifteen-year-old currently living in India, reading too much fanfiction and drinking too much boba tea. She has been published in Cathartic Lit and Potted Purple, to name a few, and was the editor-in-chief for her school's monthly newsletter. She considers herself a poet (a dying profession) and hopes to have her work published as a collection someday. If she isn't writing or reading, she's playing the violin, catching up on sleep, trying to study, or hanging out with her friends.

Anoushka Swaminathan (she/they) is a Tamilian-American 7th grader living somewhat near San Francisco in California- though she wishes she could live closer, because the city is amazing. They love reading all genres, but primarily write realistic fiction and sci-fi, as well as poetry. When not reading or writing- so barely ever- she plays piano, dances Bharatnatyam, draws, bikes, plays with her cat, and does debate. They have an unhealthy obsession with the color purple.

John Tae is a 16-year-old student living in Toronto, Canada, who is originally from Seoul, South Korea. Last two summers, he has volunteered in the Evergreen Farmers Market. In his spare time he writes pandemic journals and plays golf.

Roman Taglieri is an 18 year old filmmaker/ writer from Long Island New York. Some things that they love are nature, New York City, the ocean, traveling, and getting to know people. Roman always loved storytelling and hopes that they'll be fortunate enough to make it their career someday.

Madison Taylor is sixteen and in a suburb thirty minutes north of Chicago. She's an artist and works on glass art and jewelry making/metal art. She's also a part of the local fencing club, Crimson Blades. She's been featured in DePaul's best of highschool writing anthology and hopes to use writing to speak up about important issues.

Viktoria Tekielak resides in Roselle, IL. Viktoria enjoys writing poetry and taking photography. Viktoria also enjoys running my mental health club, writing the school mental health newsletter, and playing tennis.

Ananya Thakur (she/her) is a high school student from the Middle East. She recently picked up writing as a form of self-expression in a time of uncertainty and fear. She hopes that writing as a hobby would stay with her forever.

Jillian Thomas is a 15 year old poet from Pennsylvania. They write about mental health, identity, and outer space, among other things. In their free time, they compete in speech and debate, watch Euphoria, and run track. Their interest include their cat, Taylor Swift, and “If They Come For Us” by Fatimah Asghar.

Ruth Thomas has lived in Iowa City, Iowa for almost the entirety of her 17 years of existence. She loves listening to Hozier, trying to keep her cat out of trouble, and making things with her hands, whether it's writing, baking, or crocheting.

Varnika Thukral (she/her), is an 18 years old and wandered soul sailing from the city of Delhi, India. Her brain sings of musings and when heart syncs the tune, you can find her writing. A reader to her roots, dispersed and unfound. A believer in that every leaf has a distinct articulation and people are none different.

Adritanaya Tiwari is a 24-year-old dental intern from India. Her work has been in Small Leaf Press, Mark Lit Review, Wrongdoing Magazine, Royal Rose magazine, Serotonin, The Daily Drunk Magazine, Versification Zine, and others.

Carmen Toader is from Buzau, Romania. She enjoys bringing up to life her ideas and making them flow like a quiet river.

Meily Tran (she/her) is a high school senior from Southern California. Most of her works are first drafted at 1 AM and are inspired by her tragic sapphic love life, sporadic identity crises, and beloved pet chihuahua. Twice a week or so, she rambles on twitter at @tran_scendence.

Tavishi Trivedi is a seventeen year-old writer from Toronto, Canada. She began writing when she was eleven years old, but only recently began to share her creative work online through her Instagram page, @wheniwasquiet. A big believer in living life on your own terms while confronting your personal limitations, Trivedi writes around themes of self acceptance and closure. She loves corgis, the colour blue and Friday mornings.

Thomas Tsekerides is a Junior, turning 16 in January, from New York. He has been writing as a hobby from a young age but has only had a work or two published when he was younger and has no idea where, and most of his current writing consists of lyrics for songs. His work is generally fantastical, sardonic, or macabre, sometimes all three.

Alina Tsoy is a 16-year-old writer from Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Born in a society not welcoming creativity, especially non-related to the culture, she made her way through restrictions, external and internal, and started to write. Having learned English as her second language, She participated in several linguistic and literature contests, all with a result. Unfortunately, her writings have never been published nor shown before, and the short story presented here is one among larger ones and novels. However, to write is to have a voice, and she is not afraid to speak up.

John Tuttle is a young writer and creative. His writing has been featured by Tablet Magazine, The Millions, The Mantle, The Curator, and elsewhere. His photography has been published by Loomings, honey & lime, Blue Marble Review, The William and Mary Review, and others.

Umamah is a 17 year old girl from a small town in Pakistan. She loves to write poems about the ups and downs of her teenage years and things she feels strongly about. You can read her work on her instagram blog @_i.writes_ . If not writing, she can be seen reading and obsessing over Young Adult novels or fangirling over fictional characters.

Sakshi Umrotkar is a 17 year old writer from Fremont, California. She is a 2021 California Arts Scholar and an alumna of the Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program, Iowa Young Writers’ Studio, and Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop. Her work has appeared in the Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine, where she is a general editor. She enjoys cooking, trying out new genres while writing, and exploring the intersection of psychology, social justice, and creative writing.

Miranda Urbanczyk is a 15 year old girl from Michigan with colossal dreams of becoming a journalist. She has never been published before and is trying to take off her writing career.

Caleb Urlacher is a 15-year-old poet from colorado. he writes experimental poetry and prose. He is inspired by life, nature, and coffee to write his poems. you can visit him at

Parker Ussery is a sophomore in high school in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. She writes poetry with themes such as identity, liberation, and coming of age. Parker has loved to read ever since she won a reading contest in first grade (having read over one hundred books during that school year), and her adoration of literary works has led to her creating works of her own. In addition to writing poetry, Parker delights in sprinting kinda-fast on her local track, learning Spanish, cooking intriguing new recipes, and snuggling with her baby sister.

Mariam Vaid has always enjoyed reading and writing poetry, among the plethora of other hobbies she has. Her poems explore the hidden depths of powerful emotions like love, joy, and sorrow; that are more often than not, just looked at on surface level. Her collection of poems includes creative takes on topics like mental health, nature, and different aspects of society.

Irina Valentine is a 17-year-old queer author from New York. She is incredibly passionate about Russian literature and opera, and hopes to study both in college. Through her forays into historical fiction writing, she hopes to capture the myriad of emotions coursing through the human experience. When she is not writing, she enjoys traveling, reading Tolstoy, and having existential crises.

Neha Varadharajan is a 14-year-old high school writer from India with a taste for words, and unsurprisingly, this is literal because her meals consist of nothing else. Her work appears in Dreich Mag, The WEIGHT Journal, and Page and Spine. She is an Incandescent Summer Studio mentee in poetry, and her flash piece, "Happy Ending", appears in Issue IV of the Sweek Journal as courtesy to its shortlist at the Sweek Microfiction International Contest, 2019. Her work is as short as possible to make it as memorable as possible.

Tuur Verheyde is a twenty-four year old Belgian poet. His work often discusses current events, progressive politics, spirituality and highbrow and popular culture as well as personal experiences and stories.

Salonee Verma is an Indian-American writer and the co-founder of antinarrative, a collaborative zine. Her work is published or is forthcoming in Backslash Lit, Pollux Journal, zindabad zine, Dishsoap Quarterly and more. She has been recognized in the Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards. Find her online at

Ananya Vinay is from Fresno, California. She loves reading, writing, and science.

Lisa Vo is a 19-year-old contemporary fiction writer, poet, and painter based in Lake Worth, Florida. Her work mainly revolves around youth, nature, and the exploration of identity. She studies at Ringling College of Art and Design, pursuing a Creative Writing BFA along with a business minor. You can find her on Instagram @lisyloo824.

Julia Vu is a 16-year old student from the Bay Area. As a dreamer with an imagination more overactive than most, she has always used writing as a way to temporarily escape from reality, to just delve deep into this alternate universe, and to bring the world that exists only in her imagination to life. Having struggled with mental illness in the past, Julia is a passionate mental health advocate and founded an international advocacy organization called Operation Dopamine in 2020. She enjoys spreading mental health awareness through her writing.

Bo Walker is an aspiring editor and artist from Hackettstown, New Jersey. They find the most joy in indie music, cosplaying, visual novels, and drawing. Although Bo spends most of their time in their room, that’s where most of the magic happens.

Maya Walker stares at blank documents for hours before writing a word. She is a writer, a reader, a chef, an artist, a violinist, a mandolinist, a 16 year old high school student, and more things she cannot explain. You can find Maya writing on the red chair in the corner of her room or playing with her bunny, Kiki (or more specifically in the Baltimore area). She is the author of the short story collection Of Crimson Threads and Saffron Leaves, available on Amazon, as well as a poetry and prose Editor at Kalopsia Literary. You can find her work at Seaglass Literary and Modern Renaissance Magazine.

Sarah Walker is a biracial high school student from Ontario, Canada. She has recently been published for the first time in Southchild Lit. You can find her on Twitter @qelizhus.

Lia Wang is someone who loves stories so much, she decided to create her own. She is involved in The Young Writers Initiative, and her pieces have been published in Scholastic Art & Writing, Underdogs Zine, among others. When not starting her thirty-first story, Lia can be found tracing shapes into the clouds. Instagram: liawang_0.

Maggie Ruoyu Wang is a high school freshman from Washington state with forthcoming work in the Paper Crane Journal. In her spare time she enjoys frightening her friends with her haphazard baking skills.

A few years ago, Taiwanese writer Yun-Fei Wang had begun using fiction as an escapism from the overwhelming sadness of being alive. Now that she's 16, falling deeper than ever, she can fortunately affirm that literature has been, is, and will be the only fragment of sanity in her life. Find her at a silent midnight, or at @immortalrainpoetry on Instagram.

Kate Wexell is a junior (age 16) from the St. Louis Metro East region in Illinois. She is a staff writer for “The Diversity Story”, frequently writes novels, and has published a book of poetry. Along with writing, she is a lifelong member of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, teaches piano, and enjoys horseback riding, baking, painting, and genealogy.

Talie Wilkinson is 17 and from San Diego, CA. Talie enjoys going on early beach & donut walks, collaging, and reading.

Falon Willow is a 19-year-old writer from New Hampshire. She's obsessed with girlhood and analyzing everything around her. She was the co-Teen Poet Laureate of New Hampshire from 2019-2020. Her work has been featured in several online journals and she self-published her first poetry collection Sweet Dreams & Violent Ends in 2021.

Rachelle Wong is a 14-year-old writer from California, and she's in love with the notion of creating art with words. In her free time, she can be found reading a historical fiction novel, practicing classical and jazz piano, or playing with her dog.

Ash Woodland (15) is a girl from South Africa with a passion for writing and film. She loves to write poetry and it has been an amazing creative outlet for her when it comes to channeling her thoughts and expressing herself freely. She also loves to make videos out of those poems in order to try and bring the words to life. In poetry, she likes to focus on self identity as well as the planet and the connection between people and nature.

Perry Wyatt is a twenty-four-year-old writer from Cardiff, Wales, with a love for all things strange and magical. She achieved a BA in English from the University of Exeter and a Masters in Creative Writing from Swansea University. She is a true jack-of-all-trades wordsmith with screenwriting, journalism, and two novels under her belt. Poetry is her most recent adventure and has been shared in Gaia Lit, Fahmidan Journal, and Moss Puppy Mag.

Catherine Xie is a Chinese-American writer living in Weston, CT. All of her pieces mention food to some degree, but she's not sure if it's because she likes the imagery or if she's just always hungry. Her writing is published or forthcoming at The Jellyfish Review, The Incandescent Review, Wrongdoing Magazine, among others. She was born in 2004.

Paw Yu Xin is an eighteen-year-old based in Singapore, whose other poems can be found in the borderline and Filter Coffee Zine.

Allison Xu is a freshman at Walter Johnson High School in Rockville, Maryland. She is 14 years old. She has won many writer awards, including Scholastic Arts & Writing awards, grade winner in Blue Fire Creative Writing Contest, first place in Kay Snow Writing Contest, etc. Her work has been published in Germ Magazine, Secret Attic, 50-Word Stories, and several anthologies.

Madison Xu is a high school junior at the Horace Mann School in New York City.

Yawen Xue is a 17-year-old writer. Born in Nanjing and currently based in the Bay Area, they love learning languages and exploring the in-between spaces of the world. They are the Editor- in-Chief of Phoenix Art and Literary Magazine, and their work has been published in Interstellar Lit. As a writer, they are inspired by post-punk lyrics and Ray Bradbury. You can find them birdwatching, overanalyzing the Cure’s songs, and having existential crises at 2 AM.]

Anukriti Yadav, 22, is an undergraduate student of Engineering from Delhi NCR. She is a staunch feminist and proponent of mental health rights. Her search for more art and poetry is always to bring out the joy of ordinary life. Her preferred pronouns are she/her. She can be found on instagram as @anukrav.

Erin Ye is a 16-year-old writer from Long Island. An editor for Interstellar Literary Review, her work is also forthcoming in Gossamer Lit. Erin draws inspiration from her life experiences, Greek mythology, and the sky. She loves smoothies and being outside. You can find more of her work at

Angelina Yeung (they/she) is a 15-year-old from Canada. Aside from procrastinating on writing, you can find them debating, watching ungodly amounts of Twitch streams, or surfing through Twitter. You can find them @ang_yeungg on Twitter.

Danae Younge is a four-time award-winning poet and an editor for Kalopsia Literary Journal. At twenty years old, Danae’s work has been internationally recognized by Driftwood Press, Salamander Magazine, The Wax Paper, and over forty other publications as well as five worldwide print anthologies. Her debut chapbook, Melanin Sun (−) Blind Spots, won the National Federation of State Poetry Societies’ college undergraduate competition, and was given the Florence Kahn Memorial award. She currently studies creative writing in Los Angeles. Get updates on the book and read more of her work at

Laiba Yousuf is a 13-year-old South Asian poet who enjoys reading and doodling in her spare time. The above piece, "mid-summer in ephemeral things" is inspired by the ephemeral quality of love & the summers that seem to burn away - it has also won the 3rd place in TYWI's burning summer contest.

April Yu, 13, is a wayward writer, dark dreamer, and professional procrastinator. Although she was indeed born in April, her favorite season is winter. She lives in New Jersey as an unfortunate middle child.

Gianna Yu is fourteen years old, in grade nine, and lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She writes as a hobby and aims to improve her writing with every new story.

Liora Yustein is a fourteen-year-old writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has art submissions that are soon to be published in the iWrite annual book contest, her first publication. Other than writing, in her free time she loves to dance, read, and explore other outlets to express her creativity. Recently, the art she's been turning to the most in times of dire need for creative expression, has been poetry, which she enjoys because of its immense freedom and versatility.

Teresa Zhang is a junior in high school, uses she/her/hers pronouns, is a Chinese-born American, and was raised in New York. In her free time, Teresa likes to read poetry, practice ballet in her living room, and bake Chinese pastries. Teresa's work was published in Navigating the Maze, was a National Just Poetry Winner, and received two gold keys at the Region-At-Large East Scholastic Writing Contest.

Jackson Zuercher is a 17-year-old writer, filmmaker, and Hawaiian shirt enthusiast from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When he's not creating things, you can find him playing tennis, drinking coffee, watching Pixar movies, or going for nighttime drives with his friends.

Shira Zur is a senior in high school from Seattle, Washington. She has loved to read and write ever since she can remember and hopes to pursue writing in the future. Her work has been published in several online literary magazines including The WEIGHT Journal, Teen Belle Magazine, and All Ears Mag.

Samari Zysk is a 21 year-old queer Jewish poet and MFA student at Mills College. They are also an editor for Maw: Poetry Magazine. You can find their work in Delicate Friend and Ghost City Review, among others. They currently live in Kent, Washington. You can visit them at 

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