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Featured Writer: Lilia Collins


The darkness is like a shallow, shady hole,

This hole acts as a claw trap.

The shadow swallows you up and you’re stuck,

Stuck in this gloomy horror story.

This dark, depressing hole can take your soul,

Into a darker place.

But soon, the sun will rise and the hole...

Gets covered.

The glowing light sets you free and there is no shadow,

Covered by the beauty of light.

Light shining through the darkness,

The dark, depressing hole cannot stand this strong luminous light.

The radiant luster changes lives,

Changes moods,

Gives you hope.

Lilia Collins is a seventh grade student at Hope Academy. She lives in Concord, North Carolina and is 12 years old. She loves photography and just recently found out she has a passion for poetry.

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