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Featured Writer: Tyler Auston Jones

Fractured - Poem

Shattered into pieces my self worth

Decreases and my full image

Ceases to exist in the midst of trying

Expressions of assurance in love.

Finding a partner that is also

Broken, we mix and match pieces

Filling our holes in but in this

Collage, something wasn’t spoken.

Refusing to see who the other

Was, we couldn’t picture what would

Be of us when we came together

Just because. There is no love.

Scraping our glass wall off the board

We realize before coming together we

Need something more.

Healing our

Stained sores, we restore our cores.

Putting together our broken selves,

Trauma is stored in the shelves. We

Still accept help because when we’re

Back together, we’re more ourselves.

Befriending My Demon - Poem

Cold and hot, the bridges we have

Come across were burned by the

Fires we made hating one another.

Freezing over the remains to never

Comeback to what we once had,

However we must revisit the past.

As I move on, I see that I can’t cut

Off what gave me part of me in the

First place and that I’ll need you.

Backwards thinking had me lost

On what gave me pain and the

Last thing I forgot was the cost paid.

Each toll I paid you, gave me grow in

Riches of self worth and that was

Only possible in our lasting battles.

None can sell my soul, cause my poor

Demon already has it and I wouldn’t be

All of who I am without you. Thank you.

Crying In Lo-Fi - Poem

Rhythmic tears run down my face to

Slowly race waters on my window

Shielding me away from outside noise.

Always out of tune, my sniffles ripple

Across the pouring night to conceive

Ballads that usually put me to sleep.

Tonight seems to be different as the

Music relaxes my body but designs

Disastrous melodies in my heart.

Comfort only comes as I continue to

Drop droplets from red eyes in the

Blue hue of the clouded midnight.

Stopping only leaves my thoughts

Alone, lonely to feel the cold mistakes

Made to fester in the sea of regrets.

Continuing until the sun gleams,

Bright songs by the birds sing to

Break the subtle notes of self pity.

Reverb and repeated beats that

Plagued my brain soon settle until my

Tears return and my soul is in harmony.

Night Writer - Poem

I hide myself away from the light.

Dusk is dawn for the songs I sing as they

Need to be written where none read.

In the darkness I find my light as my

Pen sparks a bit of life in the heart to

Craft sentences that might be off beat.

Peculiar. I don’t fear the dark as I feel

Obscure arts move me in ways the light

Don’t feed but inside of me I hide to

Break away the chains lamps don’t see.

Ink drawn from the pitch black sky I

Only use the light from the stars that

Occasionally hide from my very sight.

Bringing context to clues I leave behind

Each and every rhyme. I write my shrine.

Tears run dry as I walk the line between

Feeling real and lying in my dreams.

I Pray at the alter I don’t falter before what

Lies ahead and the truths I bring also bring

Blessings for what the night gives. I’m not

Alone in my words, as they continue to live.

Tyler Auston Jones is a poet/writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is 26 years old and graduated from Western Carolina University with a bachelors in English and minor in Creative Writing back in 2018. He currently works as a pre-school teacher and music journalist. He’s finishing his first poetry compilation, Obsidian Sun. He’s inspired by music, his blackness, and the reflections he’s with the world at large

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