​"Write what should not be forgotten" - Isabel Allende 

Submissions to the Literary Magazine


We accept a variety of pieces including, creative nonfiction, fiction, haikus, poems, plays, spoken word, and etc. The genre doesn't matter, how you present yourself and your distinct voice does. We are looking for pieces that have a strong, solid voice and aren't afraid of delving into deep topics. Submit as many pieces as you like, we encourage it. 


There is no word count but please do not submit pieces that exceed ten pages. 

Please send your submission to with the genre as the subject and your first and last name. In the body of your email attach your work and write a brief third-person biography which must include where you are from and your age. Attach your works as a Word or Google document or PDF.

Response times are within one week. If your piece is accepted you will be notified. If your piece is not accepted you will also be notified.

We do not tolerate works that promote homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, misogyny, sexism, or racism. Seriously it's not cool. 

If you are accepted, Ice Lolly Review asks for first North American publishing and archival rights. All rights revert back to the author upon publication. 

Submissions to the Blog

The Ice Lolly Review is now opening submissions to their new blog. Pieces can be about political issues, mental health, climate crisis, or even a new recipe. The possibilities and themes are endless. Pieces should not exceed 2,000 words. Please submit all blog pieces to with "Blog" as the subject and your first and last name and your piece attached as a google doc, word, or pdf file.  Please include a brief third person biography stating where you are from. We will respond in two weeks because putting up pieces on the blog takes a long time.  

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