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Featured Writer: Ananya Thakur

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

what is love i wonder

what is love i wonder

is it the fluttering in my stomach

when i read your pretty words

or the tears that brim

at the thought of you leaving

maybe it's the curses,

they promptly flow

when anyone

belittles you


it must be

the fact that I would

take a bullet for you

unthinking, resolved


that must be it

four letters can’t

possibly describe it


they seem to.


that’s what they call it.

The Siren's Call

The sirens lulled me in

I moved closer to the sea

A quiet dreamy state

Slowly enveloping me.

My heart and soul

Were long lost

To the siren

Promising me love.

A better place she promised

A nicer place to be

A world so kind

An alternate reality.

I asked myself

Could she be trusted

As she stood there

Weaving another fantasy.

Then I laughed so dry

It hurt my soul

Who was I to judge?

She was telling me to stay

In a world of letting go.

Previously published in The Trouvaille Review

Ananya Thakur (she/her) is a high school student from the Middle East. She recently picked up writing as a form of self-expression in a time of uncertainty and fear. She hopes that writing as a hobby would stay with her forever.

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