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Featured Writer: Varnika Thukral.

I have never liked long hair - Poem

I have never liked long hair,

So much that I cut my hair short,

But when I look upon her hair,


and running wild

Like flames of fire running


Those months passed dyed hair

Made me feel the strength that I never felt


Oiled & Obeying braids,

Hers were velvet, because,

Hers were of ownership

"She to herself"

Our lengths of hair denoted

Our stories,

Hers of freedom

Mine of realisation,


I don't hate long hair

But I feel ownership

In my short ones.

Varnika Thukral (she/her), is an 18 years old and wandered soul sailing from the city of Delhi, India. Her brain sings of musings and when heart syncs the tune, you can find her writing. A reader to her roots, dispersed and unfound. A believer in that every leaf has a distinct articulation and people are none different.

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