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Featured Writer: Chinwe Okonkwo

Nature's Void

Let’s take a look at what is

The light is too bright and it’s near almost night

That’s the best I can do, just a rhyme or two

In this tragically worn out mind.

I am torn all between what is and what should

Or should I say what could? But it probably can’t, oh I know it


Still I hold till it shakes and that smoked mirror brakes

Through the torn bits I see, all that is.

There’s no rhymes for what is

It’s just horror and empty

Empty fields where the flowers should grow like in dreams

How it snows and they still blossom close!

But then there comes the storm

Of the real and the scorn

And the wind moves us back

To the mirrors that cracked

So I look, and I see

All that should be!

But it’s only when storm takes us back to the trees.

Chinwe Okonkwo is from Suwannee, Georgia. She enjoys writing and acting and has dreams of becoming a professional screenwriter.

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