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Featured Writer: Talie Wilkinson

Can I Help? - Poem

I watch your skin bleed black. I watch you stitch your heart into your back. You're stranded in a pool of death, sinking down your bloodied mess. Your smile sewn against pale cold skin. Remnants of your soul hidden beneath bruised laughter. I watch you ache against the tide, each lulling wave cast against your beaten side, ribs upon ribs crack and dissolve. I watch the world beat you, until you're nothing at all.

I want to bottle your anger, sadness, despair, depression, anxiety and swallow it whole. I want to dig your bones out of this hole, stitch your heart. Breathe life into the boy who once was mine. I want to glue each rib against your spine, mend each scar, each shaky line.

I want to help. How can I help?

You always say nothing. They're your bruises, your blood, your bones, scars, smile, skin, ribs, heart, and love. Your world thrashing you against the wall. Your world slamming your fists into the door, strangling your thoughts and muffling your words.

I watch you pick yourself off the floor, sew your heart back into place. Mend your bones, clean the blood, lift yourself out of the pit. I watch you mourn the death of your own despair, watching the bruises fade off your skin.

Talie Wilkinson is 17 and from San Diego, CA. Talie enjoys going on early beach & donut walks, collaging, and reading.

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