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Featured Writer: Navya Bahl

Starring In Your Dreams

I come home from work to find

You sleeping on the couch

And they say that love is blind

Now that's something for which surely you can vouch

For as I sit and watch you snore,

I remember the place we first met.

You must've thought I was a bore

Would never have imagined this, that much I can bet

And then I see you smile,

Like you do when you sleep, almost every time

So I watch you for a little while,

Hoping I'm lucky enough to be your love all my lifetime

And I ponder, as you dream a dream,

If I'm the star of it, the one you see,

If all of our dates, eating peaches-and-cream,

Mean even half as much to you as they do to me

Or are you still enchanted

By that girl you loved so long ago,

Left you a bleeding scab when she departed

And I try to put on a band-aid, but all you're now is a shadow

I know she haunts your sleep, every sunset,

Stars in every single dream you dream

And I know you will never regret

All those dates with her, and the strawberry ice cream

I don't know if you know I know, that

You murmur her name in your sleep.

And I don't know if I'll get you back

When it's morning, don't know whether to wail or weep

I don't know if you were ever mine,

Don't know if you wanted to be,

Don't know if you wish to disappear, without a sign

Into that dream that'll reunite you two, for all eternity

Tired, I tuck myself into the worn comforter,

Switched off the lamp, stifling a yawn.

Still, I couldn't help but wonder,

Would you come back to me at dawn?

Navya Bahl (she/her) is a 17 year old senior from New Delhi, India. An incorrigible dreamer, when she isn't weaving stories from myths and lores, that may, or may not, be infused with magic, she can be found reading yet another book, baking something disastrous or crying over her schoolwork. Her writing has been recognized and published by the Scholastic Quill Club, and her recent works are featured or forthcoming in Love Letters Mag and Scenecerityzine, among others.

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