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Featured Writer: Shriya Koul

Drove the heart of millions

There was a lady,

Not as beautiful as the others

Maybe not that fascinating,

That alluring,

But she was fearless and upbeat,

Her innocence,

Was what, drove the heart of millions

The society,

Used to comment on her,

Demean her, humiliate her

But this didn’t discourage her,

these things were quite insignificant for her,

She had outgrown all this

The people who knew her could tell,

how beautifully courageous she was

Her passion, was all that could define her

Her perception, way too intrigue

The way she used to motivate people,

Spreading positive vibes all around,

Was what, drove the heart of millions

Shriya is a twenty one year old psychology student at University of Delhi. She loves to express her emotions through poetry. She has her own blog on which she uploads her poems. You can check her blog using the link:

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