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Featured Writer: Panagiotis Papanikolaou

A glance at the moving mirror - Poem

We looked into a river to see our faces

But the water was cloudy and dirty

Nothing could be seen

inside its gargling arteries

We dipped our hands in

and massaged the lonely heart

Pushing away rubbish and waste

Then we bent down into the river

and rested our lips on its pale water

Giving it the kiss of life

It started to breathe again

We looked into the river to see our faces

Without any idea about

the right and the wrong

Only to uncover

the innocent view of our souls

And there were the day and the night

The sky and the sea

The trees and the arteries of our bodies

Look at the moving mirror of our world

Now you can see the moment that does not exist

Beside your river

Above and under the sky - Poem

I was once a drop

And I used to roll on the stars, silently


I was looking from there at our Earth

While I was trying to approach it

Here, in the universe, there is no time

I remember

Seeing in the beginning

green mountains, gurgling rivers, countless seas,

pure people

But, I remember

Once, then, seeing factories instead of my green mountains

oil wells in the place of the gurgling rivers

dirty swamps instead of my countless seas

rude and inconsiderate people in the place of the pure ones

I remember

I closed my eyes because I did not want to look at the Earth again

It was constantly disappointing me


I am part of the world

There, hidden somewhere in the middle of an ocean

Sometime in my previous life

Somehow under the sky

And I am looking at my stars

In the land of no face - Poem

They shrunk the swing of rain

and put it on my palm

They made me be reborn,

This time with drops instead of eyes,

ash on the lips and

winds upon the hands

And so, I tasted this rain

The drops of the eyes rolled down my throat,

The ash of the lips extinguished

the burning fire of my enlightened voice

And the winds were lost once and for all,

Under the shadow of my palm,

in the land of no face

When my body became dry

With my tears being the only sign

of my existence

Panagiotis Papanikolaou comes from and lives in Greece. He is thirteen years old, a Greek student of secondary school and writes literature in general, but mainly poetry. He is a contributor to some poetry and literature websites and some of his poems have been singled out.

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