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Featured Writer: Tamanna Malik

For the longest time now,

I’ve been more attached to

window sills than people.

I’ve spent more nights on

park benches than in my bed.

I’ve talked more about

homeless dogs than home itself.

But, I still wonder - what is home?

what is this four lettered word about?

Is it people or places

or memories or feelings?

‘Cause, people are long gone

and places forgotten.

And memories and feelings

lie buried in a nameless graveyard.

Then, am I homeless?

‘cause they say home is where you belong

but I don’t belong, I wander.

Yes, I do have a house back in town,

and it smells of rotten humans.

My mom and dad lie in the backyard

and their photographs live inside.

Tamanna is a nineteen year old English Literature student at University of Delhi. She has contributed articles to ‘The Quint’ and ‘LiveWire’. She has also made contributions to online and print literary journals like ‘The Indian Periodical’, ‘The Writers Club’, ‘Bitacora’. You can find her on Instagram- @tamannaamalik

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