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Jessica Wang is from Long Island and is currently a freshman at Harvard. She is a Scholastic Silver Medal with Distinction senior portfolio winner, and her work has been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, NCTE, Susquehanna University, Columbia College Chicago, The Claudia Ann Seaman Awards, and The Center for Fiction.  In her free time, you can find her baking cheesecakes or procrastinating on her work.  She hopes you have a great day!

Founder and Co-editor in chief - Jessica Wang 

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Tara VuPham is a Vietnamese-American writer and editor, born in New Jersey and raised in the Deep South. She enjoys exploration of the perfectly mundane through the lenses of fantasies and futures, especially with themes of exclusion and inclusion, minority mythologies, and love stories. If she isn’t writing (or thinking about it), she can be found listening to Broadway musicals or weightlifting.

Co-editor in chief - Tara VuPham

Co-editor in chief - Jacqueline Xiong

Jacqueline Xiong is a Chinese-American fifteen-year-old writer from Houston. Her fiction has been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and can be found in Waxwing Journal, Sine Theta Magazine, Lumiere Review, and more. She enjoys composing music, putting together Spotify playlists, and tweeting chaotically at @jacquelanx.


General Editor - Grace Liang

Grace Liang is a Chinese-Canadian teen writer who lives in Toronto. She likes playing piano, taking naps, and reading graphic novel adaptations of famous classics. Her work has been published in Kalopsia Lit. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @yf_grace.


General Editor - Adelle Xiao

Adelle is a writer and high school junior currently based in New York City. She loves writing because she believes in its ability to help people discover themselves and empower others. Adelle has been regionally awarded by Scholastic and the Brooklyn Library, and her short stories and memoirs have been published in multiple publications and anthologies. When she isn't writing, you can probably find her drawing, binging K-dramas, or crocheting.


General Editor - Eileen Kwan

Eileen Kwan is a junior from New Jersey. Her works have been published in various literary magazines, such as Door in a Jar and the National Poetry Quarterly. During her free time, she enjoys listening to music, watching kdramas, and journaling.

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General Editor - Ella Prichard

Ella Prichard is a high schooler from Washington who enjoys reading and writing speculative fiction with a focus on social justice. She’s been featured in Level Up: An All-Teen Short Story Anthology and was the winner of the 2022 Teen Author Boot Camp First Chapter Competition. Ella is a member of Seattle’s Hugo House’s Young Writer’s Cohort. When not studying politics, playing trumpet or fencing, she spends her days dreaming of better worlds. Ella is currently working on several writing projects, including a five-book epic-fantasy series. 


General Editor - Fiona Lu

Fiona Lu is a high school student from the San Francisco Bay Area who is passionate about storytelling, no matter what form it may take. Her work has been published in Up the Staircase Quarterly, Sine Theta, and Kissing Dynamite, among others. In her free time, she likes to go on walks, play rhythm games, and think about the stars. She hopes you have a great day!


General Editor - Addie Rahmlow

Addison Rahmlow (she/her) is a teen writer from the Midwest. Her work has been recognized by the national Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and the Council for Wisconsin Writers, among others, and you can find her at She can often be found stuck in a state of perpetual writer's block, making iced tea, or attempting to romanticize her life by going on runs at sunset. She hopes that you’re having a wonderful day!


Poetry Editor - Skye Bowdon

Skye Bowdon is a 16 year old poet from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a Creative Writing major at New Mexico School for the Arts. Her work  has been published in Dreams of Montezuma, An Anthology of Poetry and Prose New Mexico School for the Arts, Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine,  Ice lolly Review among others.  Skye was a silver key medalist in the 2020 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and has been selected as a finalist for Santa Fe youth poet laureate 2021. When she isn’t scribbling things down in her notebook, you can find her listening to music in the plaza, or eating frito pies with family.


Poetry Editor - Laiba Yousuf 

Laiba Yousuf is a young poet and em dash enthusiast who aspires to maintain a healthier sleeping routine. When she's not writing, you can find her caught up in coursework or learning a new language. 


Poetry Editor - Fiona Jin

Fiona Jin is a writer and artist in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Her work is in or forthcoming at various literary magazines and recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. She is part of the Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program’s 2022 cohort and can be found at @fionajin07 on Twitter and @aurumtaza on Instagram.


Poetry Editor - Myesha Phukan

Myesha Phukan is a 15-year-old poet from the Bay Area. Her work has been published in K'in Literary Magazine, Cathartic Lit, and Intersections Magazine among other places. She is an editor and reader for Cathartic Lit and Intersections Mag while being a writer for Detester Magazine. Myesha was a 2022 Santa Clara County Youth Poet Laureate Finalist and a 2022 Youth Speaks Unified Slam Champion. When not writing, she can be found rifling through huge amounts of books or cuddling with her two dogs. 

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Poetry Editor - Xime Silva

Xime Silva is a sophomore at Interlochen Arts Academy. They write mainly poetry and nonfiction.

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Poetry Editor - Luana Cimiotti

Luana Cimiotti (she/her) is a high school student, who enjoys dancing, reading, and writing. Her works have appeared in various publications, including Teen Ink magazine, Galliard International Review, and the New York Times. As a staff member of Cathartic Youth Literary magazine and Ice Lolly Review, she is excited to share her love for language and literature with a new generation of writers!

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Graphic Designer and Art Editor - Henry Zhao

Henry Zhao is an expressive 14-year-old student who enjoys works in art and graphic design. He values hard work and dedication and puts his best effort into any work that heads his way. He routinely contributes to his community through liturgical singing for church, as well as cleaning up for local beaches in his free time. On pleasant days, he enjoys gardening as a way to rest his mind and recharge from the hustle of everyday life.


Columnist - Diya Gupta

Diya Gupta is an about-to-be 20 year old human using she/they pronouns based in India. They love to research and write informative topics related to art, entertainment, society and books. She enjoys her time listening to songs, creating scenarios, reading, dancing or doodling while trying to keep up with college work. You can find them on Instagram @blithesquesttoread.


Columnist - Waziha Aziz 

Waziha Aziz is an eleventh grader from Chattogram, Bangladesh with a passion for literature. When not writing, she spends her time crossing books out of her teetering TBR and listening to boring playlists. You can find her on instagram @useless_depressing_poetry.


Columnist - SaraJane Devereaux 

SaraJane Devereaux (pronounced: Dev-er-Row) is a poet and student from Las Vegas, Nevada. SaraJane has a passion for literature and film and would like to study both in college as well as music technology. She is an honors student and is currently secretary of their schools chapter of NHS and is determined and works hard. They have worked with Feed Us With Words, Blue Things Zine, Paper Crane Journal and more! She writes articles on things that inspire them. 

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Columnist - Amelhyne O’Regan-Farineau 

Amelhyne is an 18-year-old writer, podcaster, and photographer from Ireland. She hosts her own podcast called ‘Talk About It’ which focuses on mental health, film, and music for teens and young adults. She also writes a fortnightly article for her regional newspaper and contributes some of her poetry to literary magazines. She is also very passionate about photography. Her passion for photography lies in capturing the everyday moments in life, and the beauty of film, theatre, and music. Her plans are to continue growing her podcast and study journalism over the next year.


General Manager - Matthew Guirguis

Matthew is the general manager of the Ice Lolly Review magazine. He loves his three yorkies and is the captain of his school's debate team.  In his free time, he knits.  

Thank you so much to our previous team members

  • Miriam Reichenberg - Prose Editor

  • Emma Shobe - Prose Editor

  • Catherine Feng - General Editor

  • Erin Ye - Executive Editor 

  • Elyse Hwang - Poetry Editor

  • Breanna Crossman - Columnist 

  • Shreya Senthilkumar - Columnist

  • Tula Jiménez Singer - Columnist

  • Milly Chen - Columnist

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