Jessica Wang is from Long Island, New York. Her work has been published in Cathartic Lit, The WEIGHT Journal, The Apprentice Writer, etc. Her work has been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, NCTE, Susquehanna University, and Mission InspirEd. In her free time, you can find her baking cheesecakes or procrastinating on her work. Her message to the world is that Butterfingers are the best candy bar and that you should drink some water. 

Founder and Web/Graphic Designer - Jessica Wang 


Executive Editor - Erin Ye

Erin Ye is a 16-year-old student and writer from Long Island. She enjoys writing poetry, making smoothies, and going on (slow) runs. Erin’s work has been featured in Cathartic Lit and Ice Lolly Review, and she also serves as Executive Editor for Interstellar Literary Review.


General Editor - Grace Liang

Grace Liang is a Chinese-Canadian teen writer who lives in Toronto. She likes playing piano, taking naps, and reading graphic novel adaptations of famous classics. Her work has been published in Kalopsia Lit. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @yf_grace.


General Editor - Eileen Kwan

Eileen Kwan is a junior from New Jersey. Her works have been published in various literary magazines, such as Door in a Jar and the National Poetry Quarterly. During her free time, she enjoys listening to music, watching kdramas, and journaling.

Prose Editor - Emma Shobe


Emma Shobe is a 17-year-old author and literary enthusiast. Ever since she was in middle school, she has used writing as a means of expression and escape from reality. Her biggest writing inspirations include Leo Tolstoy, Boris Pasternak, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. She is a rising high school senior at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where she studies classical voice. When she is not writing or singing, she enjoys playing the piano, traveling, running her "bookstagram" (@theidealistbookworm), crying over Doctor Zhivago, and reading as much Russian literature as she can get her hands on. After high school, she wants to become an opera singer and an English professor. 

Poetry Editor - Tanvi Nagar


Tanvi Nagar is a high school senior at Delhi Public School, Gurgaon. She has been writing for the past eight years and is passionate about public speaking, travelling, playing sports and reading. She has contributed to national newspapers like The Times of India and Hindustan Times; journals like Flare Journal, The Weight Journal, Nymphs Publications, Secret Attic, Hebe Poetry and Anti-Heroin Chic and anthologies like The Last Flower of Spring and Riding on a Summer Train by Delhi Poetry Slam; The Great Indian Anthology by Half Baked Beans and She the Shakti by Authors Press. She is the former Editor of her school, currently edits for Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine and is the present Head Girl of her school’s student council. She has authored four books titled, Metamorphosis, A Treasure Trove of Poetic Wonderland, A Bountiful of Rhythmic Stories and My Book of Short Stories and Poems. She has also won the Eye Level Literary Award 2018 by Daekyo South Korea, The Create Change Challenge by The University of Queensland, Australia and the Millennial Essay Writing Contest by UNESCO. She loves solving maths problems and her favourite singer is Halsey! Her website is tanvinagar.com.


Prose Editor - Miriam Reichenberg

Miriam lives in Northern California with her family and a muted tortie cat. When not writing, she can be found taking nature walks among the trees, sketching in her many journals, and letting her mind wander beyond the confines of her body. She enjoys a good laugh and is always in the mood to watch The Princess Bride. Miriam has been published in Potted Purple and Ice Lolly Review among other places and spaces. You can find more of her writing @cablecar_tothemoon.


Poetry Editor - Zoe Reay-Ellers

Zoe Reay-Ellers is a writer from Washington State. She edits for a host of literary magazines, and her work has appeared in a number of different places, including The Blue Marble Review and The Eunoia Review. She is obsessed with toasted bagels and sticky notes.


Poetry Editor - Skye Bowdon

Skye Bowdon is a 16 year old poet from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a Creative Writing major at New Mexico School for the Arts. Her work  has been published in Dreams of Montezuma, An Anthology of Poetry and Prose New Mexico School for the Arts, Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine,  Ice lolly Review among others.  Skye was a silver key medalist in the 2020 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and has been selected as a finalist for Santa Fe youth poet laureate 2021. When she isn’t scribbling things down in her notebook, you can find her listening to music in the plaza, or eating frito pies with family.


Blog Writer - David Salazar 

David Salazar (he/xe/she) is a teenage writer from Chile. He describes himself as a butch bigender bisexual and is autistic and mentally ill. Xir writing deals with queer identity, Latinidad and romance primarily, but often delves into other topics; lately he has been experimenting with horror and magical realism. Xe has been published or is forthcoming in Paper Crane Journal, The Daily Drunk, The Hearth and Paracosm Literary, among others. She is in her senior year of high school and plans to be a psychologist/writer/weirdo. You can find him on Twitter at @smalllredboy.

Blog Writer - SaraJane Devereaux 


SaraJane Devereaux (Pronounced: Dev-Er-Row) is from Las Vegas, Nevada. SaraJane has a passion for reading and tends to read almost anything she can get her hands on. She has been making up stories for a long time, between telling stories with a pencil and paper or acting it out in front of her family, she's a storyteller at heart. Right now, SaraJane is focused on writing what her heart wants, but she wants to be a screenwriter as her career.  She has been published on Blue Things Zine, Feed Us With Words, and SAST, just to name a few. She hopes that the world realizes that it's okay to still be obsessed with Hamilton in 2021. ​


Blog Writer - Holly Zijderveld 

Holly Zijderveld (she/her) is currently based in the UK. When she's not writing or running her own lit journal, you can find her watching too many films, playing Bach, and thinking about the way the light hit that one very specific bit of water. You can find her @hollyzijderveld on Instagram and Twitter.


Blog Writer - Tula Jiménez Singer

Tula Jiménez Singer is a 17-year-old Cuban-American who recently moved to Brooklyn after spending several years in Havana. You can read her work on The Teen Magazine, Write the World, The Weight Journal and her blog El Cuarto de Tula, among others. She wants her pieces to be a slice of her life — filled with jazz, oceans, identity crises, and chocolate. She writes because she cannot let it go.


Social Media Manager - Matthew Guirguis

Matthew is the social media manager of the Ice Lolly Review magazine. He loves his three yorkies and is the captain of his school's debate team. He took the position for two reasons, one: he loves poetry, and two: he is addicted to twitter. In his free time he knits.