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Featured Writer: Ashley Kim


Why are we drawn to the great unknown?

Foreign places and hidden faces

Yearning for more

Desperate for more,

To have our feet touch unknown soils,

Our mouths grasp unknown tastes.

Why must we be slaves to these impulses?

Searching, searching, searching.

For a new purpose, a new dream?

Never content with our lives, with what we have.

But not always for selfish, ugly reasons.

Our hunger for change inspires us,

It moves us to explore, to create.

New wonders molded from curious hands.

Lives saved, joy created.

The unknown is our friend,

Making lives better day by day.

Do not fear it, use it.

Ashley is a high school senior in New Jersey. She loves to swim and help organize student government events at her school. Her work has previously appeared in the local paper the Record, as well as Journal of the Plague Year, the Amazing Young Writers Challenge, and the 81-Word Story Challenge.

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