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Featured Writer: John Tae

A Glimpse of Light

The world with a repeating loop of days

As we are captured in a trifling cage

The world with course of weary sight of days

I call it a long, dark tunnel of rage

The world is asking for new ways of life

We endeavour, yet we are far away

The world made us forgot a sense of old life

Enough exhaustion and the days of gray

Then hope, continuously people summoned

Resulted us seeing small glimpse of light

Since days sequenced the pitch-black tunnel world

It was most luminous, welcoming light

Yet reaching to that light is far away

Another long tunnel is in the way

John Tae is a 16-year-old student living in Toronto, Canada, who is originally from Seoul, South Korea. Last two summers, he has volunteered in the Evergreen Farmers Market. In his spare time he writes pandemic journals and plays golf.

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