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Hope during the Pandemic 

Combatting loneliness and isolation in senior homes through art and writing created by today's youth. 

The project is over. Thank you so much for your support!

Note from editor-in-chief: 

After four months of planning, designing, and printing, the Hope during the Pandemic project is complete! We reached our fundraising goal of $500 which allowed us to print 80 copies of our issue and distribute them to five nursing homes (White Oaks Rehabilitation, Central Island Healthcare, Berkshire Nursing, The Amsterdam at the Harborside, and Benchmark Nursing Homes). Thank you so much your patience and support! 

- Jessica Wang 

"Hope during the Pandemic" digital issue 


Thank you everyone for your support! Our project features 29 writers and artists from all over the world! 

Cover Art: Aida Guo

Back Cover: Cara Ianuale



SaraJane Devereaux // Anukriti Yadav // Tanvi Nagar // Brendan Liu // Emily Morales // Caroline Chou // Cara Ianuale // Shreya Raj // Molly Bovett // Naisha Mehta // Mariam Vaid //Roman Taglieri // Gregory Brooks // Eleanor May Blackburn // Yumna Ahmad // Asawari Bhatia // Diya Padiyar // Dentist Club // Srishti Jha // Eileen Fletcher // Kelli Lage // Miceala Morano // Aleah Dye // Samar Jain // Cassidy Bull // John Tuttle // Niki Brennan // Maya Alinaizi // Simran Kaur

Our project can be read by clicking here.



Although nursing homes are starting to open and allow visitations, there are strict guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep our seniors safe. Visiting time is restricted, and for certain establishments there are age restrictions and a maximum capacity of visitors at one time. Many seniors in nursing homes are still experiencing the effects of social isolation and loneliness which can have disastrous effects on mental health. Relatives have cited that their loved ones have experienced a rise in stress and a sense of abandonment. The “Hope during the Pandemic” project was created to help get our elders through these difficult times through art and writing composed by today’s youth. 


Our goal is to create a colored print magazine to distribute to local nursing homes across Long Island. The magazine will feature uplifting pieces from young creators ages 12-26 on the theme “Hope during the Pandemic.” If you know a nursing/senior home near Long Island interested in taking part in our project feel free to email us at


We plan to use Mixam (not sponsored) to create our project but we need your help in order to bring our project to life.

Ways you can help

Ways to help: 


1. Consider submitting to our project! Anyone ages 12 to 26 are welcome! International submissions are accepted and encouraged! We accept short stories, fiction, creative nonfiction, poems, art, and original quotes. Know anyone that enjoys writing and art? Tell them about our project! 


2. Share, share, share! Help us out by emailing your friends and relatives about our project. Likes      and reposts on our instagram posts and twitter also help us reach more people.


3. Please consider donating to our project. Our goal is to raise $500. $500 will allow us to print about 100 copies, receive a monthly subscription to Indesign (so we can properly create and format the project) and distribute copies to the senior homes who have demonstrated interest in our project. We will distribute copies to each establishment with some copies left over for specific donors. Consider taking part in our tier list of donations.


Donate by clicking here.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines: 


Writers and artists ages 12-26! Ice Lolly Review is looking for submissions for our next project “Hope during the Pandemic.” This will be our first print issue and copies will be distributed to nursing homes around Long Island, New York. We want positive, uplifting, and entertaining stories. Humor is always appreciated and so are stories about the importance of family and love. What gives you hope? What brightens a dull day? What do you want the older generation to know? We will accept work from now until June 30th. Feel free to submit as many pieces as you like in the genres of creative nonfiction, fiction, short stories, poems, and original quotations. Art is also accepted! Works must be previously unpublished and be written in english. Plagiarism and bigotry will not be tolerated. Once the issue is ready contributors can ask for a digital copy and we will be glad to send you one.

Submissions do not have to center on the pandemic. 


This project solely relies on funds and grants so unfortunately we cannot guarantee everyone publication. The bigger the magazine is the more it costs to print copies. We hope you understand our dilemma. 


Genre guidelines: 


Creative Nonfiction

  • Cannot exceed 1,250 words


Fiction and Short Stories 

  • Cannot exceed 1,250 words



  • Cannot exceed 200 lines


Inspiring Quotes

  • Cannot exceed 50 words



  • Can be in any medium

  • Make sure the picture you send is clear and high quality. 

  • Your art may be cropped to fit size constraints. 

Decisions will be made by July 10th.


From now until June 30th we will accept writing and art submissions. 


On July 10th decisions will be made on all submissions and all artists and writers who have been accepted will be notified via email. 


On July 20th our project will come out digitally via pdf.  It takes at least 4-7 business days for the copies to be shipped, but we would like to first print a test copy just to make sure everything comes out correctly. 


All in-print copies should be printed out by August 15th. We will start distrusting copies then. 


If we do not meet our fundraising goal by July 10th we will print as many copies as we can and distribute digital copies instead. 

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