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Featured Writer: Rosemary Kim


Please be careful

or you will be regretful

oh, don’t touch me

I’m about to fall

Your one mistake is going to destroy

everything you’ve built.

But, do not worry.

Sometimes, you just need to start over from the beginning.

Especially, when you are in love.


In this world,

Everyday is like rain.

I tried to stay away

From the cold, sharp, pelting rain

With umbrellas, coats, rain boots…

And now,

Fog is sneaking into every crack.

Everything gets blurry

my body gets sticky

The world blurs around me

It is life

I can’t see

I don’t know what lies ahead of me

But, we must go on

It is life

Maybe I couldn’t see you in this world

Maybe you couldn’t find me in this world

But, if you are my true destiny

We will recognize each other someday.

Until we meet,

Let us wander more in this fog.


You were a spring

You were warm and soft

You made me feel light, happy, loved

Now you have passed by

Summer has ended,

And fall has descended

I still miss you

I’m afraid I will dream of you for the whole winter

When spring returns,

Will you stay by my side again?

You shouldn’t have left me.

I wanted to live in your spring forever.

Rosemary is from South Korea, and loves to write poetry, take care of her guinea pigs, and watch movies with friends.

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