2021 Best of the Net Nominations 

Creative Nonfiction 

“A Quiet World of Color” by Kate Wexell (Issue 9) 

“lexicographical archeology, or love letters are overrated so i wrote you a dictionary-thesaurus bundle instead” by Meily Tran (Issue 9) 


“Gateway” by Amy Liu (Issue 9) 

“where are you from?” by Avantika Singh (Issue 9) 


“Death in a Foreigner's Tongue” by Isabella Melians (Issue 8) 

“Poem For a Tear Drop” by Oz Leshem (Issue 4) 


"Creatures of Habit” by Jordan Davidson (Issue 9) 


“little joker bae steals sovereign emperor’s yellow diamond *and fails*” by Zoha Arif (Issue 2)