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Best of the Net Nominations 



"to wish" by Maia Hillock-Katz (Issue 12) 

"Tetherball" by Maria Gray (Issue 12) 


"In the Field" by Daniel Boyko (Issue 11) 


"Mother Tongue" by Julia Ginsbach (Issue 10) 


"What I Wished For the Summer // Of Jazz Heavens: a Contrapuntal Poem" by Yasmine Bolden (Issue 10) 


"elegy in paper stars" by Kayleigh Sim (Issue 11) 



"Cardamom chai" by Vrinda Gandhi (Issue 10) 


"Peaches" by Catherine Xie (Issue 10) 




"La Mer" by Yawen Xue (Issue 10) 


"The Treehouse" by Mason Earle (Issue 12)


Creative Nonfiction 


“A Quiet World of Color” by Kate Wexell (Issue 9) 

“lexicographical archeology, or love letters are overrated so i wrote you a dictionary-thesaurus bundle instead” by Meily Tran (Issue 9) 


“Gateway” by Amy Liu (Issue 9) 

“where are you from?” by Avantika Singh (Issue 9) 


“Death in a Foreigner's Tongue” by Isabella Melians (Issue 8) 

“Poem For a Tear Drop” by Oz Leshem (Issue 4) 


"Creatures of Habit” by Jordan Davidson (Issue 9) 


“little joker bae steals sovereign emperor’s yellow diamond *and fails*” by Zoha Arif (Issue 2) 

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