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Featured Writer: Udita Mukherjee

The Constant Best

I talk to you some days

Other days you’re not there

Then I’m alone with my thoughts

It gets dark in the mornings

You weren’t family

You had an option

Yet you chose to stay

Now you’re my everything

If I were to describe you

I’d say you complement my crazy

By being a square, just kidding

We have our moments

Like that one time

Under your brown covers

I made you graffiti

Little did I know, it’d be a metaphor

Those doodles sprawled across your canvas

Like the thoughts in my head

Expressed freely, even the deep, dark ones

That make me too human

I love singing with you

Despite not having the voice for it

Because you make me believe I do

It means more to me than you know

We might have been responsible

For the extinction of the hoop-ring-water game

And a tiny explosion

But look at the story we got out of it

Cheers to our illegal future plans

Those temporary tattoos you gave my skin

The surprises that almost led to mini heart attacks

The unlimited puns and innuendos

Our souls are married

We give each other firsts

We fight and get closer

Create lasting memories and love

On that last day by the bus

Of life as we knew it

I swallowed your orange ice lolly whole

To brain freeze that moment

We’ve been apart only to realise

We’ll stay together forever

Who is a best friend?

I can think of a million answers

Someone life’s too short to pretend to like

Someone you want to punch while hugging

But the truth is when I hear those two words

I always think of only you.

Udita Mukherjee is a 21 year old from Kolkata, India. She has won several international writing contests. Her pieces have been published in a literary magazine edited by Ruskin Bond. The first play she wrote was selected by Bombay Theatre Company for The Theatre Project 2020.

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