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Featured Writer: Anvita Bhogadi

Cinderella Never Needed Prince Charming - Poem

A castle to inherit,

A courtroom to sit,

But they felt she was unfit,

For she was a girl and they didn't think she could make it.

In meadows, she pranced,

In ballrooms, she danced,

They taught her to paint and sing,

But she never found any joy in those things

On the eve of her sixteenth war struck the land,

The reaper began to hostage man after man,

He must have taken fancy for the menfolk of the palace,

For how brutally they had left the world; by being backstabbed by their allies.

The enemies crossed the palace lines,

Song and dance was now of no use to the royal wives,

But the warrior princess took to the front,

And proved she wasn't the litter's runt

Single-handedly she decapitated an army,

Until the breath left her forever,

Cinderella never needed Prince Charming,

Now or ever

Anvita Bhogadi is a 13-year-old Indian-American who is passionate about activism and literature. Her interests include, aesthetic photography, graphic designing, article writing, reading, discovering new artists on Spotify, trying to learn new languages and indecisively browsing through Netflix. She aspires to be a published poet.

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