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Featured Writer: Miranda Urbanczyk

Music Festival Fever After hours of driving, you finally arrive The Windy City, the towers and buildings shine This place is huge, and so is your smile You haven’t visited this magical metropolis in a while This time it was different Never like before A day of excitement what more could you have asked for Music is blaring, people are crowded Everyone is so close but somehow you don’t feel surrounded You’re in your own microscopic bubble, yet in a way that’s breathtaking What a great day, all the memories you’re making Everything is going perfectly Front row for every show Set list in hand The best part of all, you got to see your favorite band Reminiscing the music, people, and event You hear the songs playing now, all you feel is content Oh how you can’t wait to come back and relive the memories And to also feel everyone's great energies To feel the way you felt that day You have a music festival fever, wishing it will always be that way Spontaneous Nights Driving until we’re satisfied with our destination Getting food at the gas station Stopping and making nothing into something Something great, like in the movies Something that you never want to end Something that makes you smile and feel special The trunk of your car opens The radio is blasting and happy is your only emotion Sitting in the back end of the car, eating your food Having an amazing time, you’re in a great mood Talking to your friend, telling each other stories Dancing, and twirling, without a worry It’s getting late and the sky’s getting darker A day without a plan, not a care in the air These astounding moments you get to share Unique like no other, nothing like this quite Why how you come to adore those spontaneous nights

Undeniable Love


His love.

The love he gives her.

A love splendid and pleasant

Looking into the eyes of the angel before her smiling in delight

Making her the happiest girl in sight

Laughter that lasts for days, he helped her out of that dark phase

Broken then fixed, the outcome of two outcasts mixed



Who knew they would end up being perfect for each other

Running around the city throughout all the towers, buses, and trains

They suddenly stop, face each other and then dance in the rain

He gives her that adventure she never got as a child, they make each other go wild

Never worried, dissatisfied, or disgruntled

The way this man acts towards her makes her stomach jumbled

She had never felt this way before him

All her emotions put together, he was the man she wanted to be with forever

She had an undeniable love for him that would never disappear

When with him she never felt fear


That would last a lifetime.

Throughout sickness, health, and whatever else it might be

This girl never followed the trends, or the clichés

And for that exact reason she wrote this exposé

A love letter for the man that changed her life for the better


Her love for him.

Their love for eachother.

Miranda Urbanczyk is a 15 year old girl from Michigan with colossal dreams of becoming a journalist. She has never been published before and is trying to take off her writing career.

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