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Featured Writer: Dia Bhojwani

old friends, new strangers

Hello, Stranger!

You have the face of someone I used to love.

Really, the resemblance is uncanny -

The cotton candy hair, the cherry punch lips -

But her cheeks were persimmons and yours, catacomb hollows

Her words were sugarplums and yours, apple seeds

The bitter cyanide I die by

Hello, Stranger!

The moon reminds me of you

Argent, chilly, and 238,855 miles away

Not to mention, there’s always been something

a little extraterrestrial about your disdain

Hello, Stranger!

Sister of stone, daughter of stars

Dare I ask you to unfist your heart?

There is a space within me where love should be, I know

But I promise to stare into your void

if you will stare into mine

Hello, Stranger!

Tell me, is there any way

to fit the people we’ve outgrown?

Dia Bhojwani is a sophomore living in Mumbai, India. She's been published in Beetle Literary Magazine, The Punch Magazine, and Parallax Literary Magazine, amongst others. Her first book, The Pandemic Diaries, was published in January 2021. She loves confessional poetry, stand-up comedy, and Hawaiian pizza.

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