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Featured Writer: Maria Kolyagina

The Final Farewell

Night rain gives a feeling

of a final farewell

A wish, perhaps

a regret of things done

or not, you can’t really tell.

While the radio plays mood music

the rain in the lonely street lights

humming, drumming counter rhythms

with endless patience, ceaseless

fingertips on the long road.

Will you come walk with me

in the gentle night rain?

Here we must part,

say goodbye...

Tomorrow or the next day

there will be another way

there is always another way

another day

another wish

another night

as the salty-sweet drops on my face

mix with fresh pure ones from the sky.

Come back, come back to me

but the rain, the night rain

for birds leaves no room

for the other rain.

Maria Kolyagina is 13 years old and from New York City.

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