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Featured Writer: Javeria Itezaz

I fell in love that day

I fell in love that day

Not with any person nor with any broken soul

But with the sky and the way the sun greets me every single day

The way the birds sang lullabies from lands unheard of

The way the stream rushes in everyday without any hesitation

Now I spend my days dreaming of running away to an abode in the middle of a forest

And getting lost there in the current of magic

Looking at the flowers blooming in full blossom amidst the scorching weather

Now my heart lives the ethereal vista

And can't seem come back, no matter how hard I try

After all I did fall in love that day

Javeria is a 13 year old poet from Lahore, Pakistan who has been writing for the last 4 years. She is an avid humanist and a dreamer who never believes that a dream is worth nothing fighting for.

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