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Featured Writer: Fefe Ho

things that remind me of you

hot pot, half spicy, half not

& little pastries, crispy, flaky with a strawberry on top

& cookies & chocolate & green tea, cold brewed, prepared last night

& noodles, dried & chaoshou, dried

& fruit juice, iced, too hard to be chiseled away with a plastic spoon

& lotus seeds, too tough to be picked open by nails bitten to the quick

& rice, the most common staple, the staple of life

& it’s always food—

because we grew up greeting each

other with ‘have you eaten?’ / because sometimes, I think you love me

more than I love myself / because it’s the mundane things that we

forget, that show we care

Fefe is a 23-year-old Chinese-American currently residing in Beijing. Find her on Twitter at @fefedove.

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