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Featured Writer: Nerea García-Rodríguez

My dreams are made of sugar and blood - Poem

Lately I see my future in my dreams

But they don't come with the comfort

that dreams usually brings.

My dreams are made of tired eyes,

Everything's usually black or white,

In it I live my dream life

I have the job that I want

And the life that I asked for

But I never ever smile

I guess I'll always want more.

My dreams are made of money on big amounts,

In my dreams I have a big house,

a climatized pool, a leather couch,

But I'm completely alone

And I realize,

that the thing that scares me the most

Is to live on my own.

My dreams are made of sugar and blood

They're all I ever wanted

And all I'll never be

So I lose my hope

Hoping I won't lose me with it.

Lonely - Poem

My expectations are so high

That they will never be fulfilled

So instead of chasing them

I just imagine them in my daydream.

And I know I shouldn't

I know I should go after what I want

After what I believe

But life seems to be only nice

To people who are not me.

And I try and try

To pretend I don't care

But the truth is that

the only thing I want is company

But when I look next to me

I see no one there.

Student's life - Poem

I can't study and

I can't work.

I get distracted,

I hate the clock

Hating the memory that I got

Others can but I cannot.

I wasn't born for this,

Haven't even started and I wanna quit.

Really wish I could

But I don't have the energy.

My mind can't focus,

I zone out a lot.

This is harder

Than I thought.

Want the happy ending

But I hate the plot.

Too many expectations

That brings me so much pain.

Causing me desperation

And feelings I can't explain.

They start a conversation

When there's nothing to say.

I hate this situation

Stuck in my body and brain.

This is draining me

I just wanna leave

I just wanted something to be

But now I just wanna be free

Nerea García-Rodríguez is 16 years old and is from Andalucía, Spain. She is a young artist that likes to write and act. She's currently assisting an acting school but she'd like to be a poet in the future so she writes as much as she can.

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