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Featured Writer: Emma Lee

we were more than chocolate and vanilla

my tubs of brain-freeze memories are labeled

with every flavor we’d shared under the

sun ; i carve turtle tracks with mental metal,

bare feet curled against pastel tiles. my

traitorous fingers urge to reach out ;

i allow myself to indulge in one scoop.

delicious cold blossoms through my

thoughts ; fairy floss fog braided with

the strawberry of your hair which i

had balanced, oh so carefully now,

between my scissorblades at midnight.

the result was a jagged rocky road, but

what did it matter to the two of us?

we confected peppermint grins

blouses kissed with butter pecan,

arms scribbled with a sky of

endless grape jelly constellations.

earbuds in ; one each, looping your

music until we caught each slippery

black raspberry note between our teeth

you ; your cherry garcia lipstick smudged

by a crumbly graham cracker smile

i remember you in neapolitan stripes

in caramel legs crossed on comforters

in bittersweet laughter and sugary tears

i feel the silken touch of summer

slipping through my fingers.

my lips utter a silent thank-you

it tastes of nothing ; actually,

it tastes of goodbyes.

Emma Lee is a fourteen-year-old poet attending high school in Florida. She has been an avid writer for years, and strongly believes in the potential of the modern generation to make their voices heard. In her free time, Emma enjoys reading, drawing, playing the piano, and drinking too much boba tea.

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