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Featured Writer: Vanessa Kwinecki


Some people call me boring, or lonely, or say I've never truly lived.

But little do they know, I've lived hundreds of lives.

Every book I open is a new adventure, a new group of friends ready to lead me through it. Readings where I find peace.

Not walking through the loud hallways of my highschool, or walking the streets of my small town.

I'd rather be galloping through a beautiful forest on my loyal steed, or flying high through the bright blue sky on a magnificent dragon, dodging clouds. I'm always the person who gets excited when the teacher announces silent reading time, instead of groaning like the rest of the class.

Sure people have their reasoning for not liking reading, they say its boring or they never found it interesting. To that I say “You just haven't found the right book or genre yet.”

There are so many genres out there, there's fantasy, (which is one of my favourites) if you want to escape into a whole new world filled with magic and mystery. Or there is sci-fi if you want to enter a world where aliens have invaded earth or it's now the year 2050 and we're all part cyborg.

Then there's historical fiction, if you want to take a trip to the past, have tea with royalty and learn a little about what life was like back then.

Or if that's not for you and you need something that's a bit more down to earth, there are contemporary novels. They can teach you a lot about our world, and the people in it.

And how could I forget romance, kisses in the rain, flowers sent from a secret admirer, star-crossed lovers. Sure it's a bit unrealistic at times, but what's better than a cute romance novel on a warm summer day at the beach.

And there are so many more genres out there, there's something for everyone. But sometimes even when someone finds a book that fits them like a glove, they will still say it puts them to sleep.

Which can be very true for a lot of people, it relaxes them and makes them tired. But that's not the case for me, reading wakes me up, I could stay up all night just to finish a book. The plot-twists, the scenes that have me on the edge of my seat. It feels like I'm right there with the characters, fighting their battles with them, dancing in the rain with them, flying through the air with them, crossing the galaxy with them.

The only thing that pulls me out of their fictional worlds is my mom saying, “Dinners ready honey!”

Then I have to face the real world again.

I have to go downstairs and have a normal conversation with my parents as if I wasn't just hiking through a magical forest to find magical gem stones that will save the world.

Others may look at books and just see words on paper. But I see worlds. I see people.

I see the thing that's taught me so much. Heartbreak and forgiveness. Bravery and hope. Happiness and love.

I see the thing that has helped me up whenever I fell apart.

I see home.

They may call me crazy.

But I don't care.

Vanessa is a 15 year old from Ontario, Canada. When she's not writing she enjoys reading (of course), and baking. Her goal in life is to share her stories with the world.

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Well done Vanessa!!!

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