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"Give Yourself Space" by SaraJane Devereaux

One thing that really hurts my heart is when people don’t give themselves love and space. It’s one of the most important things when it comes to self-care. So, in this blog, I’m going to talk a little bit about how you can give yourself the space that you need and how you can take those big and little steps to make routine a more accessible thing in your life.

I’m definitely not an expert, I struggle with letting myself slack and procrastinate. I’m very dedicated to my schooling, work, and craft. I believe that I have somewhat grown a little bit of an attachment to routine, and when it goes off, it’s hard for me to go back to that routine. Routine is a big part of how humans function. According to, “Even if you don’t typically thrive on a strict schedule, having a routine can be helpful in times of unpredictability, uncertainty, and stress.” When I was in the hardest part of quarantine, I found myself clinging so tightly to routine. Wake up, start school, read, eat, workout, read more, eat, shower, sleep. And on and on. I struggled with letting change grasp me and I would avoid something that would make it so that my routine was thrown off. Like getting out of the house. Or taking a walk. Or even changing up a hobby in the afternoon.

Routine can be healthy, but it can also lead to unhealthy habits. The biggest thing that I reminded myself when I was deep into routine was that if I ever wanted to grow as a human, I would have to change things up so that I could allow that change to enter my life. Change is good, my friend. It’s healthy and we all need it. It’s a part of life and pushing it out of the way really won’t do anything.

So what is the concept of space that I believe in? I believe that we all take up a certain amount of space in this world. We all can hold out our hands, touch what’s close to us, and we are taking up space. But also, we touch many things we can’t visibly see, like other humans. Space is just a concept. It’s not a limited thing, let your imagination build it.

The space that I take up in this world is not a limited thing. I let myself take up the space that I need. Space to me can also meantime. Sometimes I need to take up a lot of time. Space can also mean being alone in your room, doing something that you love the most. Writing, reading, painting, drawing, scrapbooking, making music, it’s your space, you decide what to do with that space that you take up.

Something that I like to remind myself and my dear friends that struggle with insecurities and need some boosting is that you’re allowed to have those low moments. Those moments are what make you feel better about the bright and fluffy moments. Low moments can feel incredibly intoxicating and lonely while it is happening, but it gives you a big appreciation for the good moments. Your feelings are valid and right. There’s nothing wrong with what you are feeling. But sometimes your own words to yourself can be your worst enemy. And I’m not saying that I NEVER struggle with hating who I am, trust me, I’m seventeen, I do plenty of beating myself up. But, I try to remind myself that I am taking up space and letting myself adapt and change to what the surrounding is.

So how can you get a routine that makes you feel happy? Truly, routine needs to be something that you grow by yourself. It can be as busy and as empty as it needs to be. Learn how to appreciate those moments where it’s just you and your thoughts. Sit in those and let your mind explore some. It’s healthy. But if you feel as if your thoughts can run and run, write them out, and eventually your mind and body will grow tired and your mind will clear. And just as you learn how to be alone, spend some time with those that fill your heart and soul. Those people are going to help you through it.

And a reminder: we’re all in this together. There is no struggling alone, wonderful human being. Reach out for help if you need it, and take up that space :)

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SaraJane Devereaux (Pronounced: Dev-Er-Row) is from Las Vegas, Nevada. SaraJane has a passion for reading and tends to read almost anything she can get her hands on. She has been making up stories for a long time, between telling stories with a pencil and paper or acting it out in front of her family, she's a storyteller at heart. Right now, SaraJane is focused on writing what her heart wants, but she wants to be a screenwriter as her career. She has been published on Blue Things Zine, Feed Us With Words, and SAST, just to name a few. She hopes that the world realizes that it's okay to still be obsessed with Hamilton in 2021. ​

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