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Featured Writer: Samar Jain

I’m Grateful

Today and everyday I’m grateful for the primeval forests, scarlet flowers

and rampant trees…

fruits, petals and lush green leaves,

I’m grateful for the sinless animals, birds and all the beings,

I’m grateful for the dazzling lakes, rivers and


and for all that simply heals,

I’m grateful for the love, and the one who does,

For the divine dove in the blissful above,

In these unusual times, I’m grateful for the covid warriors who courier hope,

I cry for those who grieve, mourn for those who leave,

I know, one chair on the table now lies empty,

However, let’s try and be grateful for the plenty,

Alas! What pains me is the dearth,

Be that as it may, I still love my earth,

I promise to care for our earth, anywhere and everywhere,

For I am aware of the nightmare, you must also beware,

I promise to value our home by doing my bit,

I promise to care for our earth and everything it has to offer,

I choose to celebrate earth day, today and every single day.

Samar Jain, 15, is a student at DPS, Gurgaon. He is passionate about Public Speaking, Artificial Intelligence, playing sports and making impactful videos, He also has a knack of Reading and Writing. He is a fervent environmentalist and considers himself to be a lifelong humanitarian. Furthermore, he is a Tech-enthusiast, and has also won several accolades in Debates, MUN's and Group discussions. He has written this poem as an attempt to influence the youth and children of his age to be more compassionate towards the environment. The poem unfolds in a natural backdrop and takes us on a journey of thoughts to be grateful for all that is.

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