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Featured Writer: Laiba Yousuf

my childhood was more than memories

my alarm clock vibrates like bumble bees buzzing

as they flap their wings.

it's 3 AM,

but the crayons are melting like childhood memories

upon our windowsill

as if it was the last day of summer.

and your words-

my words faded away like books left lost and hidden beneath soft rain

with a thousand stories left unsaid

but tonight,

the curtained clouds that soaked up the puddle of tears

are weeping

and pouring

out a call to autumn.


you will love how you chased lilac dreams

as if they were butterflies

and perhaps the tears you kept away in marmalade jars

age, too.

Laiba Yousuf is a 13-year-old South Asian. She has been writing for about an year now, her works are often inspired by nature, life lessons and experiences. Outside of poetry, she enjoys reading and art.

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