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Featured Writer: Javeria

A Summer Day

Today I saw a bird with clipped wings in the scorching heat,

And I thought about life

As my child body paced onto the park

The flowers reminding me of me,

Beautiful but then plucked by a passer by

Short-lived epiphany coming to a drastic end

The scent of summer just setting in

A mist of magic; Sunshine falling on my clammy hair

The body is tired, but let's play more

Let's dance till the sun sets,

Who knows if we will see another day's dusk or not?

And then I saw the sun set in,

Almost crashing with the hills around me

Colors beautiful all sprayed across the sky

Who will tell her the world is bigger than her town?

Javeria (Jav) is a 14-year-old poet turned writer from Lahore, Pakistan. When free, she enjoys writing articles on Medium and posts her unedited poems on Instagram. As an introvert, she isn't always the life of the party but engages her in a conversation about daisies, Taylor Swift or the latest social issues and she won't shut up.

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