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Featured Writer: Ananya Vinay

Strife At Sunrise - Poem

A Golden Shovel after Maya Angelou’s “Awaking In New York”

Dusk settles a yawning sun as to will

the world to fall in tidal wind

yet no devil robs the heart of whirlwind sleep

Spinning stars abandoned by dust plead with

broken words for the descent of a starved city

Untiring roots hold the captive dark

out blaze Orion’s ephemeral reign and

smolder the vial of ochre venom, a

battle for blood-stained lotuses of war

Harken from the welkin the light glow of dawn

as souls seep from trenches unheeded

Mother Earth’s palms curl in, aching cries will

pierce the sharpest wall of the wind

wide eyes steal the coming deluge of sleep

A march of gleaming metal crush dashing comets with

glee, silence bursting jazz in a plummeting city

the azure clouds never turn astute gazes on

fallen limbs below, envelop the earth and

veil darting buds seeking an

oasis as morning gleam engages cold night in war

dew drops beckon the ecliptic to rest below triumphant dawn

spirits ascend furrowed trenches, flames nevermore unheeded

Search for Shifting Infinity: A Pantoum - Poem

A chariot drawn to the sun

Impenetrable wild horses hold spirits hostage

Heart set on wildly spinning a tale

Blooming unseen into dark tinted waves

Impenetrable roaring horses rob captive spirits

Stumbling toward uncertain eternity

Burgeoning in the dusk on the ochre tide

Unfurl cinnabar to set the world aflame

To stumble aft to wavering eons

Grapple for the violet cores of constellations

Flowering in a plummeting sun twinning ochre deluge

Spread a cinnabar flag into sparkling pyrotechnics

Unendingly discover the violet truths in constellations

As words knit to shining threads in a tapestry

Light flourishes of coral dawn in crimson breakers

Forging glowing palettes of untold secrets

Tapered needles snap words into place

One perfect puzzle piece at a time

Mold serendipitous metaphors on incandescent palettes

Search dancing clouds for lost translated essence

One perfect puzzle piece at a time

Steady beats summon shifting phrases from dusty tomes

To scour pirouetting clouds for nuclei within

Plow the roots, free the rhyme

Tunes of sanctuary beckon shifting phrases into mirrored palimpsests

A past sprinkled into longing echoes braiding the hereafter

Liberate rhyming hearts, pulverize resting bedrock

Steal the still night to resurrect dreams

Yearning echoes plait the bygone into the hereafter

Warm hands undo the knots that impede epiphany

The night hush robbed while resuscitating our truest desiderata

From letters that mingle tears to reflect a rainbow

Knots undone by sincere hands release loping cascades of truth

That line the reaches of welkin on every side

Letters hammer a flaring rainbow from molten tears

To fashion home from veiled hearts with care

To paint a vaulting sky within reach

A heart set on forever weaving sojourns

From shrouded souls, I weld shining sanctuary

While galloping to Helios to divine lyric verity

Pinioned Spirit - Poem

Wings chained to a whistle

eyes blinkered by coarse leather

all to deceive the wild of its power

offer a spirit to a thud of a broom

held by grasping hands on hollow grass

An angel chained to a post

forget the sky open at its feet

Forget the fear born in razor talons

Remember only the dark

and swoops on command to the murky reaches of heaven

Falling down and up, up and down

a silent foreign figurehead in silver frames

To remind a bird of its manacles

is to break a soul into captivity

Does it hear its echoing song?

or does it stay in rough bonds

because every other life holds the unknown

expected paths ease our burdened minds

extend wants to the infinity of certainly impossible dreams

stepping off risks the molded clay

to shatter every notion of our reach in a breathless instant

sometimes better to fragment into spinning dust

Than to live in a vase of our own making

but to summon a tornado is hard enough

to toss boundaries aside is to lose one’s roots

But mistakes blur into the rainbow of the new

freedom or safety is the wrong question

To find a blooming cave in the dark

where tripping yields gleaming gold

where surety doesn’t constrain

where a burning soul can glow unfettered

such a place exists only in rich imagination

or in the turrets that fill our souls

in truth, we compromise freedom for safety

and safety for freedom in every choice

yet look up to the irrepressible trapeze

For wings that bear happiness in their beat

As the clouds dance in the rain

Ananya Vinay is from Fresno, California. She enjoys reading, writing, and discovering the why's of the world through science. The submission is attached below.

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