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Campaign Contest: "Happily Ever After" by Daniela Argondizzo

Happily Ever After - Poem

What is Happily Ever After?

Is it the story of a girl?

A young girl, who lives far-away,

Waiting for the never ending

Motion of tiny ripples,

To break the past,

Just as they break the shore?

A little girl, all alone, kept captive

A-next billowing heights,

Passing the time, paper to pen,

Spindling fairytales, woven with

Strings, some dark, others light?

A little girl who crafts stories,

Delicately, carefully, encapsulating,

The bliss of a hundred-year-old kiss,

Beauty within an epic beast,

Angelic eyes embraced

By snowy, milky skin?

Waiting, wanting, longing

For an eclipse to shift her world

Off axis, wandering space,

Wavering in her own peaceful,

Happy place?

Does she write stories?

Each tale, page by page,

Tethered by strings?

Tied loosely, held tightly?

Each story wrapped up,

With three glittery, sparkling words,

To mask the overwhelming pain,

Suffocation of pages burning,

Stories that died, taking pieces,

Of heart and soul, broken,

Barely bandaged?

A story of one little girl,

With no concept of reality,

Lost within a world of magic,

Will end with a prophetic

Happily Ever After…

Beautiful, yet tragic.

Daniela Argondizzo is a 16-year-old from New York. She is an avid musician who loves to sing and play piano. She is also on her school’s varsity swim team. Although she doesn’t write much, she hopes to write more poetry as she continues to find ways to showcase her creativity.

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