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Campaign Contest: "Comfort" by Melody Chen

Comfort - Poem

Etching a place for myself in a scary world

Craving warmth and comfort in routines

Placing trust in people's worst

Enough love at the wrong times

Repeating cycles of stress and discomfort

Losing friendships and pieces of ourselves

My own health didn’t come first

Grief, sadness, and anger: a mix of emotions

Envying my past self

Change is hard to face and accept,

but is a part of growth

Change also started with me

Acknowledging the fact that I was unhappy, scared, and hurt

Prioritizing myself

Reflecting and finding authenticity

And outgrowing my unique self

Melody Chen is a rising senior from New York City. She took an interest in literature and writing poetry during the past summers. Other interests she has are music, film, and cooking.

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