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30+ Places You Can Be Published In

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Sometimes I find myself searching endlessly for magazines and places that will publish my writing. So to help my fellow writers out I have compiled a list of over 30 places that publish teen writers. It took me quite some time so I hope this helps. Happy submitting!

  1. Perhappened

  2. Intersections Lit

  3. Lumiere Review

  4. EX/POST Magazine

  5. Outlander Zine

  6. The WEIGHT Journal

  7. Dishsoap Quarterly

  8. The Adroit Journal

  9. Bitter Fruit Review

  10. Polyphony Lit

  11. Skipping Stones

  12. The Telling Room

  13. Wintermute Lit

  14. Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine

  15. Orange Blush Zine

  16. Incandescent Review

  17. Body Without Organs

  18. Crashtest

  19. Alexandria Quarterly Mag

  20. The Milking Cat

  21. Kalopsia Literary Journal

  22. Galliard International Review

  23. Momentum Magazine

  24. Blue Things Zine

  25. Declarasian (An Asian-activism movement where Asians can share their cultural experience)

  26. Interstellar Literary Review

  27. The Winnow Magazine

  28. Heartburn Review

  29. The Junebug Journal

  30. Fuzzy Peach Review

  31. Yellow Paint Mag

  32. Saffron Lit

  33. Potted Purple

  34. The Global Youth Review

  35. Feed Us With Words

  36. Love Letters Mag

  37. Paper Lanterns Literary Magazine

If I added a link wrong or if you have any other magazines you would like listed, please email me or comment down below!

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