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"Three questions with photographer Viktoria Tekielak" by Jessica Wang

1. What inspires you to pursue photography?

What motivates me to take photos is capturing the beautiful essence of nature. Personally for me, nature is very healing in that it provides an outlet for fresh air and allows you to clear your mind. It’s a sort of escape. Taking photos makes me grow fond of life. I like to write poetry that correlates to such photographs, allowing me to capture what I envision in my mind throughout the writing process.

2. What photographers do you look up to?

There aren’t any particular photographers that I look up to. Any photographs of nature scenery truly inspires me. Most people use professionals cameras, unlike myself. I just use my iPhone, so I think photographers who do the same inspire me because it goes to show that you don’t need hundred of dollars of cameras and equipment.

3. Do you have any advice for people interested in the art of photography?

The advice I can give to others who would like to pursue photography is that you don’t need professional equipment. You can start off with a phone camera, and as you grow more passionate, you can accumulate more equipment to perfect your photos. In general, photography is meant to be fun so enjoy it. Don’t focus too much on capturing the “perfect” image. Nothing in this world is perfect. It’s the flaws that make it unique.

Her work:

Viktoria is a 17 year old who resides in Roselle, IL. She has always found her creative outlet in nature and writing poetry. Thus, she combines those two outlets to creat a magnificent image.

You can find her instagram here: @viktoria.tekielak and @lancers_lttb .

Thank you so much Viktoria!

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