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Featured Writer: Mercury Skuller

small and infinite - Poem

the darkness around you is a cloak

hiding you from your responsibilities

the moon above you is a clock

counting off the minutes until you have to be a person

the air is cold enough to have a taste

you don’t have a coat but you can’t go back inside now

lean into the night

preserve the sacred softness of not-quite-awake

fold into yourself

don’t be afraid to meet your eyes

turn beneath the stars, and turn again

spin until the silver blurs and the world feels small and infinite

there’s no one to be now

there’s no one to watch you

there’s nothing to live up to

there’s nothing to fail

time doesn’t matter here

you can catch your breath for the first time

Mercury Skuller is a sixteen-year-old from California. They can often be found writing poetry or flash fiction, or working on their fantasy novel. In their spare time, they enjoy finding new music and spending time with their cats.

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