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Featured Writer: Bhavika Malik

Naturalizing Flesh - Poem

I circle you. corners

disjointed and

holding is


pressed between my index and thumb

your resistance to be contained.

you were airless then

squashed like a bug

in my fingertips

and you blushed warmly

when I launched spitfires in your face.


night etched into my window

time was stillbirth caught

in my nails

I used to engrave cursives onto you

a l i e n

when you ask me,

“am I a part of you?”

I hold you like a crime between my thighs

my wrist

my waist

my weighing scale

and I welcome you to this land.

Bhavika Malik is a high school student from Salt Lake City. Her writing has appeared in Polyester Zine, Wear Your Voice, Kalopsia Lit, and more.

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