The Biggest Con in Today's Globalised World

Rithwik Sharma

Nov, 19, 2020

Humanity has progressed a long way be it for the good or bad throughout the years. In today's advanced world there are many perks along with disasters and issues. One such topic under serious consideration and deserving utmost attention is regarding mental health.

Being in the global world news spreads fast and such a platform is often used for cyber bullying, giving rise to insecurities and etc activities deteriorating a person's mental health. A person may have a highly positive nature or an extremely depressed one. Poor mental health is the worst of problems as unlike any disease it has no medicine or vaccine that once given immediately gives results.
Mental health must be solved through a person confessing his feelings and becoming positive about them, as a proof of this emotional counselors and life coaches are found all over the world with a growing number of patients. There are approximately 53000 life coaches in the US alone out of which 11% work/serve full time as of now 46.4% of all US adults face mental illness at some point in their lives . Until this period no one would have believed in having life counselors in schools for kids.

In such a judging world where even a slight mistake could be used against oneself and spread across social media emotional support and comfort are the only remedy.

One must realise what they are facing through and express that to someone in order to overcome the mental pain they suffer.

Sadness, loneliness, shame, resentment, emptiness, anger, anxiety, and stress are only a few of the many issues that someone with poor mental health may go through. In such unprecedented times where socialization is at its lowest this issue is an ever-larger problem. It does not end here as well, one doubt leads to another and before one knows it they have stepped into the black hole of depression and insecurities to come out of which they need someone to talk, guide and help them through the tough time they are facing.

One must truly let their feelings out, not be overburdened by anything, express their concerns, and not practice a lifestyle where they are not the ones controlling their actions and are under the influence of others. One must love themself, believe in them and channel their energy in a positive way towards a good cause and this, is the very essence of life. For, if one doesn't have trust in oneself and uses what resources one has for the betterment of someone or something, the same will not return back to one, life is just like a boomerang, what goes around comes around. It is the same case for those who fuel any insecurities or mental pain for someone, at some point, they will go through the same harsh treatment.

Rithwik Sharma is a 14 year old from India and a STEM enthusiast who loves reading and writing. He has written several pieces and has recently applied to publish some of his work.

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